Happy What?


February 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!   We celebrate by wearing green, drinking tons of Irish Ale and eating brisket and cabbage.

No.  That’s not right. Let me try again.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  We celebrate by wearing the colors of the flag, marching in parades, setting off fireworks and cooking slabs of meat over a barbecue.  Don’t forget the potato salad, but keep it chilled so no one gets food poisoning from the mayo.

Hmmm…still not there.

Wait! I know!  It’s the one in which we hide tiny colored eggs and give people pollen-laden flowers!  No?  The one that we celebrate the guy who didn’t discover our country?  The one that we celebrate dead presidents on the wrong day and go to the malls because they have good sales?  The one that We put up a tree decorated with twinkly lights (white, not colored. Colored lights on trees are tacky. I said so.), put paper-wrapped boxes under the tree and drink eggnog and eat with wreckless abandon?  The one in which we make a gigantic turkey, eat ourselves silly and celebrate stealing land from Native Americans?  The one that we get a large check from the government and we think we are rich, only to remember that it was our money in the first place?  No?
Someone please tell me, why do we celebrate this?

Look, I’m a hopeless romantic like the rest of you. I love flowers.  I enjoy a romantic dinner with my sweetheart. The thing is, this holiday has turned into yet another lab-created card company holiday, complete with over-priced candy, decorations, meals and lame stuffed animals.  They WANT you to buy this crap!  They WANT you to buy low-quality items to “celebrate” and make you feel guilty for not doing so. My husband used to be one of those fished-in types who would leave work early on St. Valentine’s Day and drive around for hours looking for the last roses in Delaware County (and would even go to Delaware.  *Shudder*) because he felt guilty when the gals at work read him the riot act for not being romantic on St. Valentine’s Day. The thing is, I want my man to be romantic every day of the year. I want his attention every night after the kids go to bed. I want to snuggle with him any night I please, thankyouverymuch.  The emphasis does not need to be forced on this day.

I kinda know why we celebrate it.   I just refuse to be reeled in by card and candy manufacturers.  I will make a nice dinner for my sweetie (which I do several nights a week) I may leave a little treat by the kids’ plates at dinner and I might make a little heart to put by their napkin. But I ain’t buying stuff. It doesn’t have to be about that.  We don’t buy lame cartoon character cheapo valentines to pass out at the kids’ schools, they make their own.   And if we get, ahem, romantic this evening, it won’t be because it is St. Valentine’s Day. It will be because we want to, ahem, snuggle.

Okay. Rant over.  Resume your daily activities.

4 thoughts on “Happy What?

  1. Dirkey says:

    Ha ha good rant.
    My hubby and I are nerds everyday, we’re just especially nerdy around holidays. It should never be forced or about stuff though thats just dumb.

  2. Andie says:

    Amen!I can tell you this day is turning into a nightmare around here…Can I just sleep until tomorrow?

  3. Rachel says:

    I totally, absolutely, 100% agree.

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