Yup, Still Here


January 29, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Sorry if I’ve been neglecting you, bloggy world.  See, real life kinda gets in the way sometimes. I know, I know, it has been ages since I’ve blawged.  I wanted to, really.  It’s just that I have these little beings called children that need my undivided attention right now. Oh, and then there is this husband-person, whom I’ve successfully talked into hanging a swing in our basement this weekend.  It’s amazing what a little, ahem, snuggling can get for you, leverage wise. Let’s just say it’s been non-stop fun at Chez DG the past few days.

Every morning since Thursday I’ve been driving Bugaboo out to his extremely-expensive-private-therapy.  It is two hours of rip-roaring fun for Bugaboo.  In other words, he screams when we get there. But don’t despair, dear reader(s):  Bugaboo has a wee problem with transitions and settles in nicely.  In fact, this therapy entails Bugaboo wearing special headphones for the entire two-hour session while they do OT and play therapy with him.  Yes, you read it correctly. Bugaboo, the child who will not wear clothing, wears headphones.  Not only does he wear them but he LISTENS. TO. MUSIC.   Not just any music.   It is mostly selections from Mozart and Gregorian Chant. You know, like the monks?  And guess which one Bugaboo prefers over all else?  Guess which one he BEGS for during therapy?  Yup.  Monk Music.  Wanna know what is funny?  We may have found Bugaboo’s calling.  He can be a monk when he grows up!  He’s already taken a vow of silence (at least, that’s how I look at it), he loves the whole chanting thing, loves to work and has great fondness for all things outdoors.  He could cut grass or do farming for them.  He’d fit right in.  And we are already Catholic, so that’s one less obstacle in his path to becoming a monk.  The only problem I foresee is the whole running-around-nekkid thing.  They might not take too kindly to that.


I guess I should also mention that part of the reason (like, .002%) that we are doing this therapy is the hope for potential grandchildren. Someday. Not now. I’m still working on having my own.

He is doing very well with the therapy.  He is calm, tired but happy when he is finished.  He goes to school afterwards and is ready to go.  We do this for two more weeks and then have a break for a month and then do another ten-day loop of therapy.  Then one more loop after that for a nine-day period.   After that, we shall see.  This stuff costs hella big, after all.  But we are seeing such good results already!  Bugaboo has been calm!  Bugaboo has had great eye contact!  Bugaboo has been doing much less in the stimming department. BUGABOO HAS BEEN HAVING BMs on the TOILET. Not that the entire internet needs to know this particular piece of information, but folks, we are ecstatic. The child who some think won’t train until he is into his teens is going on the toilet.  That right there is worth the moolah we’ve spent.

Goodbye Tax Return. Hello Bugaboo!

I’ll try to check in more, really. It’s just that by the time I get home I take a quick nap, clean the house up, start dinner, get kids off the bus and start preparing for the next day.  I haven’t had five minutes to myself. But it is all worth it. Every last minute, every last penny.

One thought on “Yup, Still Here

  1. cryssyer says:

    That is wonderful. It is so good to read that he is doing well. I needed that bit of uplifting reading 🙂

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