Reviewing the Situation


January 24, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

(Ten points if you know which musical the title is from…)

Houston, we’ve got a budget. I mean, we’ve always had a quasi-sort-of-gonna-kinda-follow-it budget. The husband, he is a tightwad frugal and he makes sure we get to live very comfortably. We cannot go out and make frivolous, extravagant purchases (who can, may I ask? Or, more to the point, who should?) but we don’t have rob Peter to pay Paul and we do not live paycheck to paycheck. After the first year we lived in this house we were able to relax and could spend more on home improvements, furniture and the like. Then Darling began his yearly I’ve-got-to-buy-a-car-before-my-eyes-rot-out and I began my yearly I’m-gonna-ignore-his-car-obsession-and-hope-it-goes-away. We decided that his yearly bonus and our tax return would pay off a few small bills (Ahem, student loan! GONE!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!). Whatever was left would be a down payment on a new(er) car, since his is ten years old and although it is a Honda, is showing it’s age.

Weeeeellll…so we kinda sorta are going to change the plan. And we kinda sorta are gonna put off our Y membership for a few more months (renewing it, that is) and we are kinda sorta not gonna go to Tennessee in April/May like we thought. Things change, people change, hairstyles change…(TWENTY POINTS FOR THE MOVIE THAT LINE CAME FROM!)

We have decided to take the plunge, pray our insurance covers a teensy bit of it, and pay for private therapy out-of-pocket. As in, thousands of dollars worth of therapy. From the best place around. No, we cannot afford it. Yes, we are insane. Yes, Bugaboo is worth it. Yes, we are hoping for improvement. No, we do not see any other way.

After Monday’s whole family global nuclear meltdown, I decided I could not take another minute of it. Doing the same thing day-to-day ain’t having a huge impact, folks. We have to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. And after reviewing the situation and discussing it ad nauseum, we’ve decided that we are going to do it before we procrastinate any further. Bugaboo had a very expensive evaluation back in August or September (kind cannot remember, but September rings a bell) and we are going to try some of their recommendations, even if it means we have to take out another home equity loan. We would rather invest everything we can in him now. At this point, we’ve decided to take the money we were putting in his College Savings Account and use it for therapy instead. What’s the point saving for college if he is never going to talk? What’s the point saving for college if we do not invest in him NOW? If there is any chance this child will one day live independently, we have to work on it NOW. I feel like the window is closing and we are running out of time. Sitting back and watching his skills stagnate and watching him plateau ain’t gonna cause improvement. We have to do something, and this is what I feel called to do.

We’ll be eating very cheaply the next few months. Takeout and fancy dates (as if) are gone. I’m back to thrift store shopping for everything and the summer clothes will come from consignment. I’m good at being frugal, it’s almost a hunting-like-kill-thrill for me. Please, just pray that we see some changes. Purty please. With sugar and a cherry on top? And whipped cream?


3 thoughts on “Reviewing the Situation

  1. Trace says:

    Oh, DG, I’m praying for you guys!

  2. Rachel says:

    Okay, I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually had to google your title because I KNEW I knew it but I just couldn’t place the show. So now I know that it was from Oliver, and I’m doubly embarrassed because I was actually IN that show and STILL couldn’t remember it!!!

  3. Anjali says:

    “Hairstyles change.”

    So, totally from Top Secret, one of the most hysterical movies of all time.

    Everything crossed for the therapy!

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