Bad Case of Writer’s Block


January 22, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Not that I consider myself a Bona fide writer or anything, but today my brain is complete mush.  Thank MLK. I cannot get two thoughts together.

I could tell you about our date Friday night.  It was fun to be adults for a few hours but we were home by nine because we were so tired (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

I could tell you about Bugaboo’s awesome day Saturday with his therapist.  He  played with things he never touches, signed “more”, “All done” and “go” appropriately.

I could tell you about how nice it was that Bug Boy behaved in church (somewhat) but the rest of the weekend (and all day Monday) was a complete basket case.  We aren’t sure if we can blame it on the upcoming full moon or if the four-year-old version of Bug Boy is resurfacing, as it does ocassionally.

I could tell you that yesterday was no doubt the WORST. DAY. EVAR. Who the heck ever thought to give special-needs children four day weekends?  Baaaaaad.

I could tell you that Darling worked from home yesterday and was actually a little bit of help. He only had two phone meetings and ate breakfast with them, worked in the same room for some of the time and only shut himself upstairs for an hour for a very important call (which Bugaboo interupted by bursting into the room and squealing with delight.  The people in India, Denmark and China all got a big kick out of it).

I could tell you that I had a global nuclear meltdown at six o’clock in the evening yesterday and declared that I am doing a horrible job as a mother, that I yelled at my kids (which I hate, despise and loathe) and sobbed uncontrollably to my husband, who said all of the right things (you are doing the best you can, you’ve got so much to handle and you’ve got more to do than the average person).  Then we took the kids out to run around the mall because we knew no one would be there.  We rarely go to malls.  Now I know why. That was one skanky-arse mall. Half the stores were closed and the other half?  Crappy stuff.

I could tell you that since the kids were mostly stuck inside that they were literally climbing the walls. They were bored in just under two hours.  Bugaboo decided he was going to rediscover my collectible elephants (crystal, marble, porcelain, breakable) and attempt to “ride” them around the house. We got out his basket of plastic (but realistic) animals and he spent time riding his zebra, horse, elephant and his new favorite, the giraffe.  He slept with the giraffe last night.

I could tell you that he has peed the bed every night for a week. I keep two mattress pads and three sets of sheets specifically for this purpose.  I have stripped his bed every morning before I’ve had my cup of tea and have had to make it again every night before he goes to bed. Methinks I’m going back to overnight diapers for a while, despite the fact that they are a huge waste of money and bad for the environment.  Green DG says no, stressed-out-spaz DG says, “HELL YEAH!”

I could tell you about how I would like to go to the gym and work out since it is the only day this week I’ll get to go, but that I have been sleeping so poorly all I want to do is fall asleep on the couch. Or the bed. Or on the floor.

I could tell you about how we are going to have CUJO for a few days this week, and how I want to tell my parents he ran away or something so I can keep him. He’s that awesome.

I could tell you about how we are on a personal mission to find GOOD BEAN BAG CHAIRS.  We have two that are totally falling apart. I asked for new ones for the boys for Christmas. My mother-in-law decided that instead she’d give me two boxes of stuffing for bean bag chairs. You know, little-teeny-styrofoam-pellets to stuff the bags?  Like, just the right size for Bugaboo to stim ALL OVER THE BASEMENT?  (oh no he di’int!  Oh YES HE DID!) Like, not forty-dollar-lead-poisoned-choking hazards?  My husband wants to get this.

I could tell you that Darling has just left, each bus has arrived and I have SIX WHOLE HOURS to myself. And guess what I’m gonna do?  Abso-smurfly NOTHING.  Nada!  ZILCH!

Nahhh…nothing to write about.

4 thoughts on “Bad Case of Writer’s Block

  1. Sarah is Ok says:

    Oh my! It sounds like you already did work out, so check that one off your list. I so appreciate green DG, but I’d so understand if stressed-out-spaz DG took over. You sound like you could use a little break, and if those diapers can give it to you for a while, that’s not so bad. And could the bean bag chair have a grosser name? Love sac?

  2. Get the Love sac–so much better than a beanbag, we love ours.

    Please tell me your joking about the foam beads; that in itself would send a person over the edge.

    I hope back-to-school day helped you on the sanity front.

    As for the diapers, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Be extra-green somewhere else in your life and call it even.

  3. cryssyer says:

    That is one freakin’ cool bean bag! Don’t care for the name, either, but who the heck cares when the whole family can sit in it? Hawsome!

    So sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. Hope you got your rest and enjoyed your time to yourself (haha, like you really EVAR have time to yourself!).

    Hey, I have 2 gift certs for massages. Wanna go with me?

  4. Andie says:

    The Love Sac…. ooooh… with that name it should offer, um, so much more! LOL We typically run to Big Lots to replace our beanbags because they are cheap.. do you have one? I would be sooooo ready to be committed over the beanbag beads.

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