You Know How I Like To Plan Things? Well…


January 17, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

You see, I like to think I am a scheduled and organized person. I have a family organizer/planner that goes EVERYWHERE WITH ME.  It is my guide book for life. It is my control journal.  My shopping list, appointments, meal plan (AS IF I PLAN MEALS!  HA!) and reminders go into this book.  Every phone number for the boys, whether it is for school or for doctors, goes into this book.  I have their provider numbers for referrals, Christmas Card list, you name it. I would be lost if I lost this book.

Today I have a few entries, “IKEA with Kristina, Lunch at IKEA, Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at Bug Boy’s school.”  An ambitious list, eh?  I mean, it is TOUGH deciding between the Swedish Meatballs and the Chicken Fingers at IKEA. In fact, even though I am most likely to get the meatballs, I have to decide if I will get ten or fifteen.  Sigh. Tough choices. And then I get to go to Bug Boy’s school and participate in their recreation of the March on Washington and the older kids reciting “I have a dream.”   Bug Boy has been jonesing to do this all week. I have no idea why other than he has memorized every FACT about MLKJ but I doubt he has any idea what all of the buzz words mean.

But guess what I’m going to do today?  Go on, guess!  That’s right!  NONE OF IT!  Wanna know why?  Bugaboo has been home the past two days with a fever.  I am not sure it is a good idea to take him on a walk with 400 students AND their parents.  I am not sure he should go with a fever and I do not feel comfortable calling anyone and asking them to sit with Bugaboo (AS IF THEY WILL SIT!  HA!) while I participate.  I know my parents would come in a second, but since my sixty-five-year-old mother takes care of my Ninety-three-year-old grandmother, I do not want her to spread any germs.  Even though my grandmother has convinced everyone she’s done her time and is ready to go.  But we are planning her 100th birthday anyways, because after her eightieth came and went (when she had cancer and thought she was dying) and then she planned her ninetieth, we were all convinced she was going to be here for one hundred.


Here I sit, still in pajamas, thinking of what to do next. Bugaboo’s fever is still at one-hundred-point-one, as it has been for two days. It went slightly higher but is back where it has been.  His ears are infected but he is generally happy.  He is destroying something on the second floor as I sit here and type.  He will no doubt find a box of SOMETHING to crumble all over the living room, since, y’know, I’ve got to get my exercise and spend forty-five minutes vacuuming at least once a day.  Or he will go upstairs and get my necklaces out and sit and lick them.  Yes, I said lick them. What? You don’t do it? Oh c’mon!  It’s ALL THE RAGE!!!

2 thoughts on “You Know How I Like To Plan Things? Well…

  1. Trace says:

    Oh DG you crack me up. The way you’re describing Bugaboo sounds vaguely similar to my life w/our hyper annoying food is love dog. (except I can crate her) Noises? Toilet paper in shredds all over the room? You threw up because you ate random things from around the house? In your case replace the throw up w/pee & poo. In my case replace the jewelry w/my husband’s pillow (tell me how happy he is to get in bed at night and find his pillow soaking wet w/dog slobber).

    Anyway, I can’t believe what an ambitious day you had lined up. Ikea AND a the thing at BugBoy’s school? I’m exausted just thinking about it.

  2. BOSSY says:

    There’s a walk today at the school. Crap. Bossy definitely needs your daily planner.

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