December 20, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

It happened.

Five flippin’ days before Christmas.  A fever.  A child with a Fever.  Bug Boy finally got sick.

This sucks. This is NOT the first Christmas I’ve had a sick child and one of us has had to stay home with them.  In fact, it is usually meeeeeeee sick at Christmas.  ARGH!

To make matters worse, today I am running not one, but TWO HOLIDAY PARTIES at TWO DIFFERENT SCHOOLS.  Lucky for me, my brother is off today. And instead of spending the day doing what he wants (he’s a cop, doesn’t get much time to himself) he is graciously coming here and exposing himself to my child.  Poor Bug Boy is missing his own party!  He sobbed when I told him he was running a fever. At first he refused to stay home.  After about ten minutes of staring at his breakfast and looking like a zombie he whispered, ” I think I should stay home.”

I should have known.  When my kids have two good days in a row that they aren’t melting down from the sound of the fire siren or crying because the macaroni is touching the green beans (it contaminates the macaroni) and they do their homework quickly and without complain, it means they are coming down with something.  If they aren’t using the couch for a trampoline or doing acrobatics off of the knee wall or breakdancing on the kitchen floor FOR TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT and they are sitting quietly on the couch reading a book or watching tv (they don’t watch it much.  Like, once a week for five minutes) they have to be coming down with something.


2 thoughts on “OOOOH NOOOOO!!!!

  1. MommyBrain says:

    Awwwww! Hopefully five days will be enough time to recover. The “I think I should stay home” comment is just so cute.

  2. cryssyer says:

    Oh my! If Bug Boy is still not 100% on Sunday, bring him anyway. We have comfy couches to lie on. I hope he feels better real soon, though. It really does surprise me that Dino hasn’t been sick AT ALL this year. Excuse me, I have to knock on wood, cross my fingers, and stand on my head so I don’t jinx myself 🙂

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