Where DG Rubs In the Fact That She Had a Productive Weekend


December 17, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I hate to gloat, internets, I really do. It’s just that…well…I managed to make a list of things to do and GET. IT. ALL. DONE. Who can say that? I mean, srsly?

On my list to do this weekend:

  • 50 Christmas cards, stuffed, labeled, stamped and sealed
  • Packages to out-of-town family wrapped, packed, labeled and mailed by the 17th to get in first class mail in time for Christmas!
  • Stamps bought (and found commemorative Star Wars stamps, woohoo!)
  • Set up Christmas Tree (fake, due to allergies, boohoo)
  • Bring ornaments up from storage and go through them with my seven-year-old (which y’all know takes two hours, since he has to have the exact history of every single one)
  • Put lights and ornaments on tree
  • Rearrange ornaments that Bug Boy put all on one branch(like, thirty)
  • Print Cards and pictures to make Holiday Thank-You’s for teachers, speech therapists, OTs, PTs and Support Staff
  • Call teachers, bus yard and aides to tell them I forgot about the dentist Monday morning and so therefore, expect us late.
  • Make a HUGE pot of chicken veggie soup to simmer all day Saturday and EAT UP for dinner. Two days of leftovers! YUM!
  • Make my favorite Winter Chicken Vegetable Pot Pie. One of these days I might share the super-secret recipe. For now you’ll have to be satisfied to know that it was delicious (has rutabagas, parsnips, turnips and other divine vegetables). This is a two-to-three hour preparation just for this meal. Not including baking.
  • Weekend chores, including folding Mt. Washmore, vacuuming the whole house, scrubbing bathrooms and straightening up bedrooms
  • Run errands with husband to help him select gifts for his staff
  • Help husband wrap and make gifts look pretty
  • Church and CCD (Sunday)
  • Time to goof off and do nothing
  • Time to Blawg (see post before this one)
  • Time to play with kids and love on them

Okay, I lied. There are two things I did not get to finish. I did plan on washing and brushing the dog, since it has been since about Halloween but the weather was NOT CONDUCIVE to washing a dog, since it poured rain all day on Saturday and she was likely to get muddy again within seconds. And then Sunday we had to deal with this:




The pics really don’t even BEGIN to do it justice. To get the full effect you have to let the dog out, have Bugaboo escape and then both of them have to head STRAIGHT FOR THE TEN-FOOT-DIAMETER PUDDLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE YARD, which is ankle-deep for humans, shoulder-deep for dogs and I-think-I’ll-just-get-down-and-swim-in-it-deep for Bugaboos.

The other thing I forgot to finish was wrapping the remaining gifts before next Sunday, when we have my side of the family’s big Eve-of-Christmas-Eve-Extravaganza (so named this year because we decided to do it on the 23rd since most peoples are working on Christmas Eve and it is too much of a rush. We wanna relax this year).

Anywho, don’t hate me because I am prolific. Really, it’s okay to hold a teensy bit of animosity towards me. I’ll forgive you. But only because I am like a wounded puppy and I am dumb enough to keep coming back for more kicks in the head.

2 thoughts on “Where DG Rubs In the Fact That She Had a Productive Weekend

  1. Angela says:

    You are movin!
    Great on getting so much done
    We decorated our tree. Now it is half decorated.
    My son likes to take off all the ornaments

  2. pkzcass says:

    Very funny post!!!

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