Where DG Shows You Why She Went to College


December 13, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

The things you think of at 3am when your kid is chowing down on Toasted O’s and wheat-free waffles.  I was flipping through channels, wondering if I should bother attempting to snooze while he played and snacked (the answer was no, the O’s ended up raining down from the ceiling) and caught some reality television programming, since we all know there is NOTHING NEW ON RIGHT NOW due to the networks’ refusal to settle the writer’s strike in Hollywood.  Reality television is a total oxymoron. It ain’t real. But it makes for interesting television, if only to discover that most people behave like  a three-year-old without a nap at Chuck-E-Cheese wolfing down soda and pizza and chocolate.  Sociologists must have a field day with this crap, seriously.

Brace yourselves (yourself) internet.  DG is sleep deprived and is about to get all philosophical on her bad self.

Entitlement, by DG.

en·ti·tle      [en-tahyt-l] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –verb (used with object), -tled, -tling.

1. to give (a person or thing) a title, right, or claim to something; furnish with grounds for laying claim: His executive position entitled him to certain courtesies rarely accorded others.
2. to call by a particular title or name: What was the book entitled?
3. to designate (a person) by an honorary title.

There isn’t much that surprises me these days.  But one thing that really irks me, I mean REALLY irks me, is the sense of entitlement that folks seem to have these days. You know, “I’m in a hurry, so therefore I should go first, because I am wearing designer shoes and you are not.”  Or another gem, “My car is fancier and besides, I’m on my cell phone and I am not paying attention, so I’m just gonna jump out in traffic and you’d better stop, since my insurance is better than your insurance.”   You know, their poo don’t stink?  They should be entitled to things just because of who they are?  WHERE THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY STICKS DOES THIS COME FROM?  It is driving me insane.

I blame the pilgrims.  “Boo hoo!  King George won’t allow us religious freedom!  Let’s go to the NEW WORLD and take land from the indigenous people there!  It’ll be fun!”

I blame The North and The South. “Boo hoo!  We want to keep our slaves so we can make even more money!  The heck with the Yanks! War is fun!”  “Boohoo!  We are wealthy Northerners and we want the Southerners to do what we do, because we think we are more civilized and educated!  War is like a chess game!”

I blame just about every president we’ve ever had.  “Boo hoo!  We’re a super-power and there is no more land to be had!  Let’s go bomb someone and take their oil and their food and spices (and their culture and autonomy, while we’re at it) so we can make more money to support our wretched excess! It’ll be fun!”

I blame the Baby Boomers. “Boohoo!  It was the fifties and our parents had tons of kids after the war!  Stuff is running out, but our generation deserves it the most! Let’s spend and take and waste and HAVE FUN!  Who cares about recycling and saving money, the next generation can clean up the planet and worry about social security!  I’m going to Florida!”

I blame generation X.  “Boohoo!  Our parents spent too much money and now we have no inheritance and no money in social security.  But there’s a good party down the street, I’ll graduate from college and settle down and be responsible later!  I’m going to have fun! Right after I’m done maxing out all my Credit Cards!”

I blame the Gen-Nexters.  “Like, being responsible is lame. I wanna be like Paris or Britney or Lindsey and be cool and wear designer labels and stuff, and shop way beyond my means and buy, like, little dogs and cell phones and never lift a finger (because I might break my manicured nail and stuff) to earn money because Daddy or my Sugar Daddy will support my shopping habit! Now THROW ME A SWEET SIXTEEN AT THE RITZ CARLTON, DAMMIT!”

 Seriously, folks. Where did it come from?  Has our country ALWAYS been this way?  Do folks in other countries watch the slop on our idiot boxes and think we are all really like that?  No wonder France hates us.  We’ve got people who spend thousands upon thousands on the right clothes, the right cars, the right schools, the right parties and the right hair instead of being socially responsible, getting involved in their communities and raising children who can make a difference in the world.  Instead of their demon spawn learning about helping others and being good citizens they are learning to eat with the correct forks at the Four Seasons. Now, I know I am generalizing.  It makes for better entertainment value. The point I am trying to make is that people these days are thinking, “MORE!  MORE!  MORE!” instead of thinking about how the other half lives.  It turns my stomach.  They are out for themselves and only themselves.  Does anyone think of their neighbor anymore?

You know America, the land of opportunity. Every man for himself.  Live independently.  Don’t rely on others. When did that become, “Live for yourself and the heck with everyone else?”  What every happened to good citizenship and social responsibility?  And how in blazes am I supposed to teach this to my kids?

Well, for one thing, I can turn off the frickin’ telelvision.

One thought on “Where DG Shows You Why She Went to College

  1. pkzcass says:

    Sheesh! You must be exhausted after that one. Now I’d better get back to work. I’m going to leave a little early. I work hard; I’m entitled.

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