Sick Day on Birthday Day


December 10, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

My little Bugaboo has been running a fever for two days.  He has been a total cranky-pants since Friday and was miserable at Bug Boy’s birthday party on Saturday.  Thank goodness for my fabulous and awesome sister, who not only amused Bugaboo during the party (and took him out for walks) but watched him Saturday evening so that we could go here with my in-laws and Darling and Bug Boy.

You see, when Bugaboo stops moving, he MUST BE SICK.  Since the kid is literally the Energizer Bunny crossed with a Chinchilla and Speedy Gonzalez (but faster), the only time he stops moving is when he is sound asleep (and he still moves in his sleep).  If we see Bugaboo sprawled on the floor, in a heap on the couch or climbing onto our laps, we know he’s under the weather.  A quiet Bugaboo is a sick Bugaboo.  There are only two speeds to Bugaboo.  This one does NOT go to Eleven.

Give me strength.  After sleeping ALL DAY yesterday he is whining and crying this pathetic, little cry today.  He has been crying since he was jolted from his sleep by his brother, who is celebrating his SEVENTH birthday (oh where does the time go?) today.  He wanted Bugaboo to wish him a happy birthday and was annoyed that Bugaboo was all, “Pardon me, Bug Boy.  But I was in the middle of a glorious dream where I was swimming in a pool of chocolate and stimming till my heart was content.”  Or he growled at Bug Boy and pulled the covers back over his head. One of the two.

Seven years. Seven.  Holy Carp, where does the time go?  It seems like yesterday that I endured fifty-two hours of labor, sent back home twice because I was barely dialated, and finally ended up at the hospital hemorrhaging.   Those were the days…

One thought on “Sick Day on Birthday Day

  1. Anjali says:

    Oh, my. SEVEN. Happy, happy birthday to the big guy. And I hope the little one feels better soon!

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