It’s His Party, He Can Cry If He Wants To


December 7, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Cliche or no, it is hard to believe my baby will be turning seven on Monday.  Tomorrow we have a birthday party planned with his friends in our humble abode. We decided this year that we would keep it simple (ha, ha) and do a smaller party.  Smaller, as in, 12 kids instead of 20.

We are having a Star Wars theme (surprise, surprise, we’ve only watched it a gazillion times) and have a few related games to play, plus they are all going to get name tags with Jedi Names when they come in the house.  For example:  My nephew Ethan will be Ethanikan Skywalker.  We have a Ben coming, so he gets to be Ben Kenobi.  And two Lukes will be there, so one of them will be Luke Skywalker.  Since my BIL is such a jokester he is always joking with Bug Boy about Fred Kenobi, Ben’s cousin and Rick Solo, Han’s brother.  Bug Boy is in stitches over this so I decided to take it a step further and give them ALL Jedi names for fun.

Please pray for my sanity.

After the fun, my FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, SWEET sister (whom I love very much and would never butter up, no way, not me) is staying with Bugaboo so my in-laws and I can go to Longwood Gardens for the Christmas display. Bugaboo ain’t into crowds.  He also ain’t into staying in the stroller, and we can’t have him sprinting across the yard and jumping into fountains when it is 30 degrees out, nor can we take him into the conservatory to pick the leaves off of all the plants and throw them up in the air to rain down on his face (nice visual, huh?), now can we?  We thought about it and figured he’d be happier at home with his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom DVD, his horses and elephants and his dump truck. Or not.  But too bad.

The Shad Roe has been a happy camper with the snow this week. She literally spent ALL DAY Wednesday and Thursday romping in the snow. ARTHRITIS?  BAH!!!  Except she’s making up for it today, the sad puppy eyes and she’s all, “OMG!  Scratch me!  Puhlease!  It’ll make my pain go away!  A little to the left!”

I went through the stuff I got for Christmas. As usual I have too much crap for Bug Boy and too little for Bugaboo.  He’s getting, like, two things for Christmas. Which is fine with him. I only gave him a wagon last year and he played with it for three days in the living room (non-stop) so I took the other little things that I purchased for him and put them straight into the toy box.  He eventually started playing with them.  Unwrapping copious quantities of gifts is overwhelming for him anyways.  This year he is gonna LOVE his pressies.  We found a cute wooden rocker for him for next to the fireplace, he’ll never move!  My sister is also splitting a moonbounce/jumper for his birthday/Christmas present (since he is one of those unfortunate children who has a birthday two days after Christmas).

My plan to get the ever-messy basement straightened in time for tomorrow (although they WILL NOT be playing down there!) is to bribe.  Bribery is very useful in this situation. I have gotten quite good at it.  I bribe the kids I babysit and Bug Boy to pick up one bucket of toys at a time and they are usually done in about 15 minutes.  Now, it usually takes trading cards or chocolate or ice cream to get them to do it, but it’s not like I am winning “PARENT OF THE YEAR” awards anyways, so who cares?  As long as it is clean and I don’t have to step over doll furniture and crayons to get to my laundry room, I’ll be happy. And I don’t have to clean it up.

Sigh.  I need to get to work. Hold me.

One thought on “It’s His Party, He Can Cry If He Wants To

  1. Angela says:

    Love the party naming idea
    it should be a wild one make sure you have your lightsaver

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