The Answer To The Question(s)


November 30, 2007 by Marj Hatzell


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I SLAY ME!!!  42. Get it?  Life, the Universe and Everything?  Not a Douglas Adams fan?


Anyways, because you are all dying to know (all three of you):

Yes, family history of Breast Cancer.

Yes, still doing treatments for the skin cancer stuff. My nose currently is covered with peeling, oozy scabs (because I know you were dying to know).

Yes, I am still battling a runny nose, clogged ears and cough.  Two weeks in the making.

Yes, I’ve called the doctor.

No, she does not have office hours today.

No, I haven’t switched doctors yet because I am the Queen of Procrastination, remember?

No, I haven’t finished my Christmas Cards yet. I checked and I am still two weeks ahead of schedule from when I did them last year.

No, I haven’t found good pictures to use for the card yet.

Yes, I am glad it is Friday.

No, I do not have weekend plans.

Yes, I took the dog for her daily walk today (it was &^@# cold!)

No, I am not going to the gym.

Yes, Bugaboo has a half-day today (Hooray Fridays).

No, I am not feeling up to it.

Yes,  I got done my whole list yesterday (go me).

No, I have not made a list today.

No, they did not find anything on my mammogram at first reading.

No, they did not find anything during my dental x-rays.

Yes, my teeth are travelling and I am going to need braces soon.

No, I won’t wear braces.

Yes, I will try invisalign.

Yes, we can afford what the insurance doesn’t cover.

Yes, I do have a difficult time spending money on myself.

No, I have not found the elusive peacoat, yet (I’m still wearing the one I got when I was preggars with Bugaboo.  It is a size 12 and I am a 4/6).

No, I haven’t found the knee-high leather boots I’ve been searching for.

Yes, my presents are all bought (snapfish is awesome for last-minute ideas and people who stump you).

No, they are not wrapped.

Yes, I plan on wrapping and tagging this weekend. Bows can wait.

No, I haven’t mailed the stuff that needs to be mailed, that comes Monday.

Yes, I am pleased with myself for being organized. I refuse to go nuts on December 23rd this year.

Final thoughts for the week: When you order stuff online and click the little box that says, “Group my items in as few shipments as possible,” why do they send EVERY ITEM BY ITSELF anyway? And why do you get the item you ordered two weeks ago after the item you ordered two days ago when it is coming from the same place?  And why would an item from NV go to OH and back to IL before coming to PA?


3 thoughts on “The Answer To The Question(s)

  1. BOSSY says:

    That is one thorough list – can Bossy pretend it is her’s?

  2. Trace says:

    Check out Old Navy’s website. They had some pea coats. I ordered mine from the Victoria Secret website (the sell clothes too). I didn’t think it was too expensive and it feels so soft, but I’m sure it’s some synthetic materials.

  3. MommyBrain says:

    I hear you on that final thought. What bugs me is if I pay expedited shipping for one thing then order another thing the next day with regular shipping and the second order arrives before the first even though they’re both from the same company/location. Of course, if I was more organized then I would have just put in one order so maybe it’s just my fault…

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