Gobble, Gobble


November 22, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I know Turkey Day is a controversial holiday (because, let’s face it, the whole Pilgrims and Indians thing? C’mon.) but it doesn’t change the fact that we celebrate it in this country. Just about EVERYTHING will be closed, and if it isn’t closed it will be closing early. This is the one fairly universal holiday that the majority of the people in our country celebrate. I have proof, because my sister and I were brave enough to go to the grocery store at seven this evening, and there was a very representative sampling of our population there this evening. This particular store is in a diverse area and I saw Asian, Latino, African-American and boring ole white-bread American food specials and recipes. Neato!

We decided at the last minute that we WERE making the candied sweet-potatoes, thankyouverymuch. We decided to ditch the homemade cranberry sauce (c’mon, you know y’all love it in the shape of the can!) and made the taters instead. Darling had brought home a box of the frozen yams (puhlease, loaded with preservatives!) and we were all, “You aren’t eating those! We’re making them HOME MADE” because, y’know, I had seven kids running around the house, there were toys everywhere and I am still getting over the flu and subsequent cold I had and my sister is preggers and Darling now has the chills and we needed ONE MORE THING TO DO. So in addition to the potatoes, pumpkin pie, stuffing, turkey, fresh-baked bread, harvard beets, veggie casserole and creamed corn we were planning on making we added on CANDIED SWEET POTATOES. As in, real sweet potatoes. Not yams. Not those orange stringy things (which are fine to bake, really, but we prefer the sweet potatoes).

And you know, the grocery store was OUT OF CELERY. Um, HELLO grocery store? Celery is one of the MAIN INGREDIENTS of thanksgiving. You ordered every ethnic item there is, had three varieties of sweet potatoes, had two kinds of yams, had ABOUT TEN KINDS of regular potatoes and there were so many green beans the store was awash in green and YOU RAN OUT OF CELERY? Who does that?

I have tons to be thankful for. Family, friends, health, kids, husband, home, job, sanity, doggie, you name it. Life is good. I am thankful for Autism (did I just SAY THAT?) for showing me how to be a better mom. I am thankful for having a non-verbal child (I swear, I did not crack the wine open yet) for teaching me patience and creativity. I am thankful for my in-laws’ divorce for showing my husband how to be a better husband and father. I am thankful for an old carpet and banged up walls because if this house were fixed-up the way I’d LIKE it, all of our new stuff would be trashed by now(And that shade of country blue hides stains well, my friends.). I am thankful for being behind in my housework, because now the pressure is off, my house is just going to be dirty and I am not going to go crazy trying to scrub off all evidence of dirty fingerprints because BUGABOO DOES LIVE HERE PEOPLE and it’s gonna be fine if we eat off of paper plates for dessert because I did not get all of the dishes out and rinse them yet (plus, who needs to handwash china when you can eat off of cute little paper plates with turkeys on them! We ARE using real napkins).

See? Even the stressful stuff is good. Things have a funny way of working. Instead of being Martha this year I am just going to do what is abso-smurfly necessary and that’s all. We made most of the food ahead. I just have to put the turkey in on time. That’s not so hard to do.Oh, and maybe I’ll run the vac. But that’s it. Well, perhaps I’ll wipe down the toilet and sink in the powder room. That’s it, I am telling you. The kitchen floor? Ummm…I’ll try to resist it. We aren’t eating off of it, right? I’ll just pay one of the kids to spill something on it, and no one will notice it was dirty to start with.

Now, where did I put the baster?

ETA:  Last year’s TDay post.

One thought on “Gobble, Gobble

  1. Trace says:

    I sort of like Thanksgiving better than Christmas because there is no gift giving stress. Just family fellowship.

    My MIL makes that string bean mushroom soup casserole and she uses CANNED string beans…ewww. I think they taste so strange (& icky).

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