Who Needs Weight Loss Supplements?


November 18, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The best way to lose weight is to get sick for a few days. There’s nothing like being accustomed to eating 2,000 calories a day and then not being able to eat for four days. I was lucky to get 1,000. In fact, for two days I ate NOTHING but a slice of toast and some water. Darling finally picked up some electrolyte-replacing-drink-that-only-tastes-good-when-you-are-desperate and I could LITERALLY feel every cell taking it in one by one. Srsly.

Now, if I could just get rid of the sinus/ear stuff. (PS, don’t ask me about the flu shots. We were scheduled for them two weeks ago, the boys got sick, we postponed them for this coming week and now I cannot get mine. Again.)

As much as Darling has been driving me nuts the past three days (he keep hinting that we need to snuggle since I am spending so much time in bed. AS. IF.) he has been a huge help keeping the kids at bay. They aren’t the usual pack-of-wolves-nipping-at-my-heels-while-I-hold-raw-meat and instead are more of the gnat-buzzing-around-on-a-humid-day-but-not-flying-into-my-ears-and-nose variety. Darling has gone on their little male-bonding tours to car lots and Home Improvement stores and has spent ludicrous amounts of time out in the yard Saturday (when it wasn’t raining) doing things with gas-powered lawn equipment and tools from the garage. The boys are digging it. Momma is getting peace and quiet. Oh, and the electric blanket that I’ve told him for years that he SHOULD NOT BUY ‘CAUSE IT AIN’T GOING ON ANY BED OF MINE? Uh, yup. I’ve had it on my lap for three days. It’s all kinds of snuggly.

Wanna know how awesome my husband is? No, I know you don’t but I am gonna tell y’all anyway. He is so awesome, he is going to the GROCERY STORE a few days before a MAJOR HOLIDAY to do my weekly shopping and to pick up items I need to host Turkey Day. He hates food shopping. The only thing he hates more than food shopping is going to Tarzhay to get my female supplies. He even asked if I needed those this evening! Either he’s been drinking or he’s been doubling up on his depression meds. Or both. Or neither. Maybe he’s just a nice guy who loves me and knows that I’m gonna go crazy this week with Bugaboo at home all week. Or maybe he just wants to snuggle later.

One thought on “Who Needs Weight Loss Supplements?

  1. cryssyer says:

    Wow! I totally cannot relate to that kind of help 🙂

    Hope you are feeling back to yourself now. I am so sorry that you got sick, but with the boys being ill, it was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?

    Glad you got to rest up!

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