Can’t Stop the Music


November 13, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Music is in my heart and soul.  I need music to clean, cook and read. I need music to calm down and music to perk up.  Let’s just say I have good auditory memory.  Darling, however, is as tone-deaf as they come.  He has good rhythm but he is hopeless when it comes to carrying a tune.   I’ve never been a stellar musician (I think if I had taken it more seriously, and perhaps had more lessons,I’d be a professional musician, but that’s neither here nor there) but I enjoy playing.

Both boys share this propensity for music. They hear three notes of a song and come running.  We have to have a constant soundtrack running in the car.  They have been listening to the Beatles, Mozart and (don’t hate me) country music since they were in my womb.  When I was preggers with each of them the only time they would STOP TAP DANCING ON MY BLADDER was when I was singing, humming or playing.  They love to sing (well, Bug Boy sings, Bugaboo hums).  Daddy tries to sing to the boys, but since Bugaboo is fairly sensitive to sound he often claps his hand over Darling’s mouth if his poor Daddy is attempting to sing.

So what’s on my playlist this week?  Wanna know?  Do ya?  HUH?  DO YA?  Good. ‘Cause I’m gonna tell you anyways.  Today on my shuffle:

Brandi Carlile

KT Tunstall

Feist (please, you must listen to this)



Bare Naked Ladies

Just to name a few.  This week I am all about Indie Rock women and good ole rock and roll.  And Canadians.  But let’s not go there.

One thought on “Can’t Stop the Music

  1. electricstars says:

    Excellent playlist, I must say! (:

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