And….We’re Back!


November 12, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Three days.

Three glorious, peaceful, quiet, lazy days.

I did not realize how much I liked quiet until I had it. We literally had no itinerary. We had no plans, other than going to the camp for the weekend. We had nothing we really had to do, except stop in and check on Grandmom (and buy her some groceries, she was thrilled to see us!).  We ate when we felt like it, slept when we felt like it and did abso-smurfly nothing.

Not exactly nothing. Friday we kinda hung out at the camp for the afternoon, went over the mountain to state college (two inches of snow on the mountain!) and had dinner. We drove around, hit a few favorite spots and went back early, falling asleep around 8!  Saturday we spent the whole day in state college. We had breakfast and coffee at Panera (yeah, wifi!) and then walked around going in and out of shops, something we NEVER, EVER get to do with the kids.  We drooled over $100 shoes, bought PSU shirts for the kids, found new coffee mugs for us and then went to one of our favorite places for a hike.  The 0ne mile hike we THOUGHT we were going on (without hiking gear, we had jeans and sneakers and winter coats on) turned into a nearly-two-hour hike. It was fun, but BOY OH BOY we were  cold when it was over. Much different in the fall/winter than in the summer, for sure!

After our hike we dropped in on Grandmom again to deliver her groceries. We bought some local produce (10 lbs of potatoes for $1.29!) and had dinner at the amish buffet.  Mashed taters and farm-made brisket. Oh my word.  It was so good!  Then we headed BACK over the mountain to PSU to find a tavern or pub to sit and have a drink.  Except that most of them are smokey college dives.  We did finally find a microbrewery that fit the bill (smoke free!) and had a lovely chat and sipped some sangrias.  Except for the part with the obnoxious drunk chick at the bar flirting madly with my husband and the bartender (and us not responding to her and staring at Jeopardy wasn’t working) trying to impress them with her knowledge of DLR Van Halen being superior to SH Van Halen.  I then set her straight and said, “Sorry.  Sammy’s the better musician. Diamond Dave’s a train wreck waiting to happen. My votes for Sammy.”  And her face dropped. That when she let out this little quip, “That’s a shame.  My opinion of you just plummeted with that remark.”  I nearly got up and gave her a what-for. It’s a good thing I’m a refined and graceful lady.

Stop laughing.

Sunday we had the world’s best breakfast (in Happy Valley World, that is) and went back to clean up and head back to town. The weekend was short but sweet. I was VERY happy to see my boys, and they were happy to see us!  Bugaboo threw his arms around me when he saw me and kissed and kissed.  The rest of the day he clung to me, sat on my lap, brought me shoes to put on and hugged and kissed.  Nice to know I was missed!  He was happy to see Daddy, but Daddy spent the entire vacation week growing facial hair and Bugaboo WAS. NOT. AMUSED.  When Daddy shaved it off later in the evening, Bugaboo was a happy Bugaboo.  Bug Boy and Mommy wanted to keep the beard but Daddy wasn’t having it.  He thinks it makes him look older (true).  I think it makes him look his age.

I can’t wait to do this again next year. It is amazing how much a three-day weekend recharges me for months.

2 thoughts on “And….We’re Back!

  1. Anjali says:

    Sounds awesome. I hope you had some of the delicious ice cream for me.

  2. Trace says:

    Sounds like you two had a wonderful weekend!! And had the opportunity for peace and quiet…not to mention each other.

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