Has it Been That Long?


November 7, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Srsly?  Six days?  Where ever did the time go…

Let’s see:

  • Friday Anniversary. Amazing. Snuggling.  More amazing.  And by amazing, I mean…Ahem.
  • Saturday Dinner out at our favorite place.  All dressed up, someplace to go, FRICKING AMAZING FOOD, mommy and daddy felt like grown-ups. More amazing snuggling followed.
  • Computer.  Fried. Again.   Modem problems, cable problems, is Fios here yet?
  • Sunday with the old nuns.  Literally. Played for the Mighty Macs at the nunnery with the guitar group. They are a crazy bunch of old ladies, really. And they got down with our funky guitar beats. Fun.
  • Still no computer. Sniff, sniff.
  • Monday morning, boys off to school. Mommy and Daddy at gym.  Great workout.  Home for showers.  Out to run errands, got a good lunch. Home for a nap and (ahem) another workout.  Snoring ensued until kids got off the bus.
  • Tuesday – time for FUN WITH NEUROLOGY!  A three-hour visit, both boys, Daddy went with us.  Plenty of info, my brain is fried.  And so is the computer. Still. Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote.
  • Wednesday.  FINALLY!  Daddy fixed the computer. Only 280 e-mails ( This is what happens when you join multiple yahoo groups, kids).  Errands, food shopping (no snuggling) and a new porch railing!  WOOHOO!  No more Bugaboo hopping off the end and running away. This will give me an extra three seconds. To the tune of $500.

That’s just the extremely abbreviated version.  What I’ve learned?

  • We have a LOCKED computer cabinet for a reason.
  • Omcast-cay will use any reason to charge you $$$ even if you know it is their fault.
  • My husband is  literally a jack-of-all-trades.  He can fix everything. And if he cannot fix it he knows how to get it mostly fixed, still saving us $$$.
  • You get free rentals at Hollywood on your birthday. This is important to those of us with gaming and movie addictions.
  • My dog likes having us around all day.
  • I am ready for my husband to go back to work and we are about to spend THE.WHOLE. WEEKEND. ALONE.
  • Bugaboo’s therapy is actually working.  He had a great day at school, said,”UP!” and (at a different time) pointed to his nose.
  • I like to cook and wish I had more time to make the good stuff I used to make.  Moroccan chicken was divine.
  • I like babysitting my neighbor’s kids, even when I am challenged by middle child’s behavior.
  • Bug Boy has come a looooonnnnggg way.
  • I like getting Holiday shopping done early. The most fun was talking to my sister on the phone and going CLICK CLICK CLICK while she prattled on and me getting her kids covered in about five minutes.  Now I just have to order some theater seats.

Enjoy your stay. Try the veal.

3 thoughts on “Has it Been That Long?

  1. Cryssyer says:

    Happy to see you are back online. Also happy to see that you had a great anniversary and ensuing week.

    Congrats on getting your Christmas Shopping done – I am SO jealous 🙂

  2. Nadine says:

    Congrats on your anniversary!!

    And dito Cryssyer on the Christmas Shopping. JEALOUS!

  3. Trace says:

    I was wondering where you were since you have been MIA in FL world and here. Are you getting FIOS in you area? They don’t have it in my area yet…I checked!

    I’m gearing up for the Fest next Thursday which mostly means I bought a new tablecloth.

    Have a GREAT time this weekend!!!

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