Help! I’ve fallen! And I CAN’T GET UP!

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November 1, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I haven’t been sticking to my schedule the past two (nearly three) weeks.

I have not been going to bed at ten. Sometimes I am up past midnight.  Doing nothing (Okay, surfing the internet and staring blankly at the screen, but it isn’t really doing something.).

I have not been going to the gym three to four days a week. I have been walking the dog daily, sometimes twice daily.  Walking the dog just isn’t the same.  There are no 40-50-60-something men hitting on me and watching the girls bounce or finding reasons to work out on the machine next to me even though there are ten empty machines, that’s why.

I have not been choosing the best foods to eat. Normally I am a vegetable and fruit girl with some lean protein thrown in. The past few weeks I’ve been a carb addict. And I don’t even like candy. Guess who’s been eating candy?

I have gained several pounds (which isn’t devestating, since I am at a healthy weight for me, relatively speaking) and feel sluggish and slow.

I do not like the way my clothes fit right now. They aren’t tight, but I just don’t feel, um, secksy?  Attractive?  MILFy?  I feel like a frumpy potato.  Funny, because all I can think about right now is potatoes, and how I want to cover them in butter or cheese.

I am tired, sleep much too late in the morning and as a result the boys are late getting up. That means we are all rushing around in the morning, I’m snapping at them to get dressed and eat and I am not spending much quality time with them because I am trying to avoid them.  Momma needs quiet, kids.

Reasons?  Excuses?  Don’t have any except that I am unmotivated at the moment. I am tired. I have had the worst October schedule I’ve ever had. I am exhausted because I need a break from the boys for a few days (which is coming next week!  A WHOLE WEEKEND!).  I am worn out thinking about Kindergarten placements.  I am sick of going to the hospital for appointments with the boys. I am REALLY tired of not seeing my husband.  He is off for a whole week next week (and I’m happy about this? ) so we should have plenty of time to, ahem, reconnect.  Take naps together (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  Have breakfast, coffee or tea together.

Yes,internets.  Secks should cure it all. I’m telling you, in two weeks I will be a new woman. Mark my words.  Let’s just hope I’m not a newly-falling-into-the-advanced-maternal-age-category, yes?

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