My Cup Overflow-eth


October 29, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I am three gift cards richer, thanks to a birthday I tried to ignore. Today methinks I will go jeans shopping, since I own two nearly-threadbare pairs of Ralph Lauren Saturday Jeans (thank you, online auction site! $15!) and one pair of Gee-I’m-LUCKY-to-have-found-these-at-Goodwill-for-$6 (get it? LUCKY? HAHAHAHA!). I found this just-about-a-teeny-bopper-store-but-carries-women’s-sizes-too-consignment-store and may stop in there today, especially since it is very close to the Cheaper-than-and-owned-by-the-same-company -as-the-one-that’s-in-the-news-for-employing-Indian-children-in-slave-labor-that -has-the-intials-ON. I have a gift card for there, and now I feel guilty about using it. But they have great linen (found a linen trench coat there on clearance for $7!) so I may forget that I am politically involved and worldly for a moment until I spend it and then I will NEVER EVER shop there again.

And thank goodness for Daylight Savings being pushed back a week. It is always the weekend of my birthday, but not this year! For once I am happy it is pushed back. Otherwise Bugaboo would have been up at 3 am instead of four (for good. I mean, singing, playing, peekaboo, the whole nine yards). There’s nothing I love more than snuggling with my baby Bugs, but this is a little, ahem, annoying. I may have told him to shut up. In fact, I am almost positive I did. It may have been in my sleep. Oh wait! I wasn’t sleeping! Okay, I’m not winning any mother-of-the-year awards today. Especially after he stole my whole wheat english muffin and veggie sausage sandwich. And he can’t eat wheat.

The last of the toe-mah-toe harvest happened this weekend. We ripped down the eleven-foot-remnants of the sunflowers, removed the pepper plant that never was (two peppers. TWO. The whole season! NEVER. AGAIN.) and then set about pulling down tomato jungles (squish, squish). Between the rotting tomatoes and the herbs it smelled like salsa and spaghetti sauce out there. And the dog had a feast. And we discovered a random tomato plant growing behind the dog house that neither of us remembers planting (well, he’d never plant anything but grass seed, and it wasn’t me, so how did it get there?) so we had a few more tomatoes to harvest. Between the handful of nearly-ripe tomatoes and the green ones that I will fry up this week, I was pleased with my final harvest.


A darn-good weekend, if I do say so myself.

3 thoughts on “My Cup Overflow-eth

  1. BOSSY says:


  2. kelly says:

    You make me giggle. Thanks.
    First, of course you have to use the gift card or you have literally given them money for nothing, which I see as even worse than getting some clothes there.
    And thank you for drawing my attention to that news which I had missed. Now I will have to find my cheap fixes elsewhere.
    Second, think hard about the tomato seeds behind the doghouse. Bet you’ll figure it out soon enough!

  3. Anjali says:

    Gift cards are the best! Have fun spending them.

    And just be sure to wash the tomatoes behind the dog house really, really well.

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