The Things I’ve Learned This Week


October 19, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

  • I found one school I DO NOT want Bugaboo to go to.  Nice program, too segregated.
  • My dog is a drama queen (oh wait, I knew that).
  • The kindness of strangers is an amazing phenomenon.  I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • There is a such thing as a happy ending.  The eighteen-year-old Autistic Hiker was found safe and sound.
  • My husband is a good man.  He’s thoughtful and always puts us first. Sometimes I forget that and get snarky.  He works hard so that I don’t have to and I can tend to the needs of our children.
  • I like tutoring. I like being with children. I just don’t want to go back to teaching.  Maybe a teacher’s aide?
  • I haven’t had two minutes to rub together all week.  It’s true that time flies.  Especially when your schedule is insane!
  • Bug Boy is a sweet, creative, amazing kid. I forgot that until yesterday.  He was home sick and I was able to spend a nice day with him, just talking about nothing and everything. There is a deep side to that boy.  He invents the craziest stuff.  He reads quite well and sometimes I forget (when I complain he doesn’t yet have intonation when he reads) that he is six.  He reads ALL DAY LONG.  We’ll be driving and he’ll read all the bumper stickers, all the road signs, real estate signs, lease signs, etc, etc.
  • Bugaboo is happier without that bloated belly. Who knew that making him feel better would make such a difference (insert sarcasm here).
  • I am very happy with our schools.  I know that every district has room for improvement and that nothing is perfect but Bug Boy is doing better than I thought possible.  Once the kinks were ironed out he began to soar.  The child is now picking out books on the bottom level of the library. In other words, not picture books. Like, Chapter books, mmkay?
  • There are parents out there that want their little Jane or Johnny to be exceptional so they push and push and push…and turn into beasts.  They don’t get the fact that despite the national average being 2% exceptional, our district has 11-19% (depending on which measure you use) of our students possibly qualifying for exceptional.  It doesn’t matter a hill of beans what you call it.  We have many special students, period.  You want personal privatized instruction?  Hire a tutor or homeschool.  The public school district ain’t the place for it (well, some of it can be accommodated) and no one wants to hear you whine that it isn’t fair and that you want your child pulled out all day.  Ever hear of INCLUSION?
  • I have been procrastinating all week over the phone tree, which should have been finished last week.  Sigh.
  • I’m not such a bad mom after all.  It’s nice to know.
  • My neighbors are good people. They know their daughter has some scary issues. They are trying to work with it.  I am glad, because she is a sweet girl (half the time) and deserves to be happy instead of being so anxious and miserable.
  • Bugaboo’s teacher is amazing(Oh wait, I knew that, too).  She has a daughter with special needs and treats every student like they are her own child.  She cares for them so much!  She pours her whole heart and soul into her teaching.  I love that when I bring my child to school she is HAPPY TO SEE HIM and hugs him and he runs to her and throws his arms around her. He is in the right place!  Talk about warming a Momma’s heart!
  • My mother is still mentally ill. I knew this, of course, but after the events of this week (I’ll tell you later, Crissie) it reminded me that she just cannot make rational decisions.  She means well, she wants to do well, she genuinely cares, but she just cannot seem to keep it together. I am sad for her because I know it makes her sad when she takes on too much.
  • I am all for Holistic approaches, Chiropractic care, Osteopaths and natural remedies. The thing is, there are so many quacks out there that it gives the rest of the industry (if you can call it that) a very bad name.  The people you wanna work with and the people you can trust are the ones that ain’t out there trying to make millions by selling supplements and books.  You wanna trust the small-potatoes-mom-and-pop type of people who remember your name every time you walk in.  Shoving all that crap down your kids’ throats does not really work. Vitamins?  Necessary right now.  Detox and  colon cleanse for a five-year-old? I don’t think so.  Volcano water drops to chelate him naturally?  Not a chance.  It tastes like tap water, probably it. I ain’t buying it (especially since everyone knows that Volcanic ash and the resulting runoff are laden with mercury).    Hey, if you truly think it is helping your kid, great.  My money is on the extra attention you are giving him, the therapy, the parental involvement.
  • When Bugaboo has therapy he sleeps MUCH BETTER.  If only he had it on Saturdays and Sundays…
  • I am not a nice person to be around when I am sleep deprived. I think I was holding myself together well this week (well, until my child told me I was being mean and disrespectful).  I was going to the gym today but now I am thinking that I should talk a nap before Bugaboo gets home for his half day…

4 thoughts on “The Things I’ve Learned This Week

  1. Anjali says:

    And don’t forget (or downplay it) — you also work so hard at home (and arguably, much, much harder at home) so that your husband can work!

  2. Angela says:

    Time is so important but so hard to come by as a mother

  3. Rachel says:

    What a great wrap up of your week! Now I’m so curious about some events that you did not elaborate – I think we need to figure out some time for getting out together so I can hear what’s going on.

  4. Cryssyer says:

    Hear, hear, Anjali! Well spoken.

    DG – tried to call you last night, but the phone kept ringing and did not go to the answering machine. Want to know what is up with mom. Call me later if you can.

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