Haiku. Because I Am a Literate Genius.


October 4, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Bugaboo likes to

Put on Dirty Underwear

Don’t leave them on the floor!

Darling leaves his clothes

All over the bedroom floor

I’m gonna burn them

Bug Boy needs to sleep

Temper Tantrums. WHY? Baseball!

He missed Chase Utley

Sleep Deprivation

Makes me do some wacky things

I’ll dye my hair RED!

October’s crazeeeee

IEPs and staff meetings

WHEW! It’s once a year!

Potatoes might be

The world’s most perfect food source

I’ve got five pound bags!

Poor Shadow is hurt

She’s faking or it is sprained

Three Hundred Bucks Later

This weather is weird

It’s October, did you know?

Eighty Six Degrees!

Think I’ll hit the Gym

Back is sore. Must be careful

Gotta work off stress

Sleep Study tonight

Fun for mom and for Bug Boy

I sleep on a cot!

Lock the sliding door

Bugaboo will run outside

He ain’t coming back

Hawaii sounds good

Maybe just a B&B

Gotta drive, won’t fly

Look ma, I’m clever!

I can write thirteen haiku

Day job I should quit!

One thought on “Haiku. Because I Am a Literate Genius.

  1. Anjali says:

    Oh, LOVE them! You’re a genius!

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