Monday: A Pictorial Review of the Weekend


September 24, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

After the boys had soccer on Saturday we took this:

And turned it into this (hint: landscaping.  If you have any tips of free plants, let me know):

Which at one time looked like this:

While we were doing that we put Bugaboo in here:

Did you know that two inches of water could get through under here?:

And find it’s way through here(pretend you know it is a picture of the cracks and puddle coming through my ceiling by the light fixture)?:

To end up here? (neither did we):

Sunday was church and CCD but I ended up in bed the rest of the daybecause of this:

And my poor doggie has one, too:

Thank goodness I have one of these:

Because after the siding, roof, windows, a/c, heater, microwave, fridge, tv and Wii (okay, we didn’t have to buy that, it just happened) we have no more of this:

5 thoughts on “Monday: A Pictorial Review of the Weekend

  1. Trace says:

    Here here!! Between fertility/adoption junk and the new roof/gutter, things are a smidge tight for us too. Yet somehow I managed to get to VS for hubby’s birthday surprise…

    Thanks for the roofer recommendation. He came over on Friday to review the estimate, we selected shingles, and haggled a bit. He had a nice compliment for you about your energetic, hyper, whirlwind, capable self!!

  2. BOSSY says:

    Scary – Did you know that a Credit Card could drown in two-inches of water?

  3. SirO says:

    Free plants – find some native grasses (ornamental) to your area – they will weather well, and split beautifully in about a year. Hostas might work well – it seems there’s plenty of shade on that side of the house.

    That’s a funny post, by the way.

  4. Anjali says:

    Ouch. Poor credit card. Ours will have the same disease after we move into our house next month!

  5. Lauren says:

    If you want some ornamental grasses, I’m having some really big suckas pulled up in a few weeks . . . they’re big and bold and beautiful. They just don’t belong on either side of a narrow brick path. What were the previous owners thinking? Anyway, let me know if you want them, OK?

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