My Life is Going to the Dogs


September 14, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

It’s all about the dogs these days.

Ever since Toy-Breed-Attack-Dog Cujo the Wonder Mutt joined us this week, my life has been all about the dogs.  I walk the dogs, I pet the dogs, I brush the dogs.  I feed them.  I play with them.  The nap and sleep with us and sit and stare, waiting for me to walk out of the room so they can follow. I sware (swear, even) that they should BOTH be named Shadow.  Or large Shadow and mini-Shadow.  It’s a Shadow competition ’round these parts.  I know they are secretly plotting behind my back, “HEY!  Let’s see who can trip her down the stairs first!  You run between her legs ’cause you’re small and I’ll get behind her and nudge past her since I’m a big oaf!  Ready?  GO!”

They even sleep in close proximity.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, though.  Shadow is afraid of Cujo.

That’s right.  This:


Is afraid of THIS:


Yes.  That is correct.  That eighty-pound, bear-resembling, rather scary-looking dog (she scares little kids, although the worst you would get is a lick.  She’d lick you to death.  Oh, and feel free to break in and steal everything. Just scratch her tummy or give her a carrot, okay?) is afraid of an EIGHT-POUND dog that she could eat for lunch.  Literally.  Cujo is smaller than a turkey.  Or the size a Perdue Oven-Stuffer Roaster (Dang it.  Now I’m hungry).

And I don’t want him to go home tomorrow.  I’m thinking of telling my parents he ran away when they come to pick him up.  I’ll just hide him under the sink.  He’ll fit.  He’s a toy breed.

 In fact, Darling stated last night (and I wish I had a tape-recorder.  Am I dating myself for saying that?  Eight track!  Wish I had an eight-track!) that we can get a dog Cujo’s size when Shadow has moved on.  I may see if I can work the magic and try it in the spring.  Darling cannot resist a miniature dog.  He LOVES little doggies.  I know darn well that that little doggie would become HIS pet.  I can also try the “good therapy for Bugaboo” angle.  It didn’t work to get the Great-Dane-supposed-canine-service-dog-for-our-autistic-son but it might work for lap-dog-for-football-and-Nascar-and-trips-to-get-ice-cream.


7 thoughts on “My Life is Going to the Dogs

  1. Trace says:

    Cujo is SO CUTE!! Josie is afraid of my in-laws little dog…he freaks her out by that high pitched barking. We had to laugh because big bad I try to be dominant Josie is a wuss.

  2. pkzcass says:

    Too funny! I’m with Darling…I’m all about my next dog being a mini something or other.

  3. Angela says:

    I see myself in the far future with my gray hair in a bun, sitting in a rocking chair with a tiny little dog on my lap.

  4. BOSSY says:

    Bossy Dane would lick little Cujo into next week. (Bossy’s Dane is gentle but inadvertently kills things while trying to kiss them… like her little Ant Friends gathered on the window’s ledge.)

  5. Cryssyer says:

    I have been dreaming of getting a little dog ever since I met Cujo. He is just the sweetest little thing, and not too much to handle. DH would NEVER let me, but I can dream 🙂

    Glad the week went well with both in the house. I wonder what comes first – the new car, or the new dog? Hmmmmmm…..maybe if you do both then Darling wouldn’t mind another pet….

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  7. […] worst part about all of this is their dog. You remember the killer-attack-dog, Cujo? The little, destructive scamp of a dog? Yes. Well, he belonged to my Dad. Mom isn’t in the […]

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