My Bargains, Let Me Show Them To You


September 12, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I love me a bargain.

I guess Darling is starting to have an effect on me.  I love searching until I find JUST what I am looking for. And I am not talking about your typical stores.   I scour consignment and thrift stores until I find EXACTLY what I want. Sometimes it seems as if it takes months (because it does. It takes months to find things) but it is all worth while in the end.

Darling’s sister likes the finer things.  She and her husband have lived in some fancy-schmancy places, one of them being Orange County California in Laguna Niguel.  People out there don’t buy stuff at Tarzhay, peeps.  Let’s just say they view ucky-Lay Jeans as DISCOUNT, mmkay?  They carry the purses with the letters on them, they wear $200 jeans to the park with their kids and everyone, EVERYONE, drives a designer car.  It’s just the way out there. Utah wasn’t much different.  If they continued to live there I get this feeling that they’d be all i-Appled out and be wearing $100 shades.

I’ll will admit it right here and now:  I like some nicer brands of things.  I’ve been craving a K.S.  bag for ages.  I’m not a brand-whore, honest!  I’ve wanted a plaid bag from urberry-Bay  since before they came in style again. Yes, the ugly plaid one. Don’t ask me why but I just gotta have a wallet or something someday.

On our budget, with our kids and their various medical and other expenses, I ain’t getting an urberry-Bay or K.S. bag.  I am never going to own a pair of ucky-Lay Jeans.  In fact, I’d be lucky to hold a pair of their jeans.  Except last week I found a pair, luckily, at Goodwill, for $5.99.  Very lucky, indeed.  They are in pristine condition, retailing for $50 on e-Bay.  It is mighty tempting to sell them…

In the past two weeks, I’ve become very, very lucky.

See, I frequent the thrift stores, consignment stores and such to look for deals.  Deals of the century. I like me linen and thrift and consignment stores are the place to find certain awesome brands of it.  I like to find certain brands of jeans for the boys because the knees last longer (the constantly rip the knees out of their pants) and the consignment stores are the way to go.  I can find ap-Gay Jeans and RL  shirts for the boys for $6 and under if I really search.  Their teachers sometimes comment that they are the best dressed kids at school.  I snicker inside when I hear that because if they only knew where I shopped…

The other day I felt lousy.  Like, puking-out-the-nose-and-on-the-toilet-most-of-the-day-hey!-that’s-TMI-DG!-lousy.  I mean, I felt rotten, tried to sleep most of the day and basically gave the finger to the housework.  I had to run to the bank, however.  Unshowered,in the rattiest clothing I owned, looking like  a tired housewife, I trudged into the bank. After taking care of business I walked to the car and made the mistake of checking out some of the stores in the shopping center.  Right next door is a place called Plato’s Closet.  It is mostly a teeny-bopper store (like, ZOMG!  All the girls, like, that work there, are like, chewing gum while they, like, talk to you, okay?  Like, I mean, it’s unreal in there, you know?) but I decided to check it out. After all, I still think I am eighteen and refuse to dress like a soccer mom. Hence my sisters’ reasons for wanting me on WNTW.  Anyway, I digress (bad habit, I know).  I looked around, laughed at some of the styles, found a CUTE pair of linen pants from the apGay and a cute linen O.N. skirt. $8 each! Ok, I can do that!  So I browsed the jeans.  Lucky for me, I found some for  $25 in perfect condition!  If they weren’t stretch Long I might have bought them (’cause I should never, ever wear stretch jeans and I need petite length for my weiner-dog legs). I saw the jeans-with-the-number-seven-in-them for $50-75, and they are $200 new, peeps.  The list goes on.

When I was finished trying a few things on (and laughing at myself for trying on ass-jeans and hoochie-momma tops) I decided to browse bags.  Nothing special.  That one’s ok.  Meh.  I don’t like these Paris bags. Speaking on which, there was a pink Heiress bag for $12, I kid you not.  I found a cute tote for $8, a keeper.  Perfect for days when I need to carry a diaper.  Then I found an adorable purse that I saw last year for $65 (canvas, brown, perfect for me) for $10 with tags still on. But it gets better.

I found a K.S. bag. Oh yes, I did.  For $8.  Brand. Spanking. New.  Not a mark on it.  Perfect.

I didn’t find jeans, but that’s ok. I have  a brand that I like (RL Saturday!  My fav!) that I can get on e-Bay for $20.  Brand new with tags.   The purses I found more than make up for it.  The linen I found feeds my linen addiction appropriately and now I can die a happy woman.

I plan on going shopping again next week.

5 thoughts on “My Bargains, Let Me Show Them To You

  1. Allyson says:

    I have only been to the US once and I LOVED ‘Tarzhay’, a definite must on any visit.

  2. pkzcass says:

    Post pics of the bag! I love to hear about bargains, but it’s ironic that you write this because I just got back from shoe shopping and I bought a pair of shoes and a purse that WERE NOT ON SALE! Granted, I got them at DSW but still, I paid full DSW price. More on that on Flylady.

  3. Perky says:

    I agree with you — I’m not a shopper and I definitely don’t “care” about brands, but…… I luvluvluvLUV a good deal!!! I shop the thrift stores for my kids and I can’t believe the deals I get there for them! I find Land’s End coats, LL Bean shirts, Gap shorts, Children’s Place pants, etc…. all the time! With the kids clothes, they’re mostly not even worn, often with the tags still on! I figure that they were often holiday and birthday gifts that were either the wrong size or lost in the back of the closet until the kid grew out of the size!

    All I know is — their loss, my gain!!!

  4. Anjali says:

    What amazing deals! You have the midas touch, for sure.

    I’m just not a shopper. I don’t like doing it whether it’s for a good deal, or not. However, I love me some Target, and because it’s so convenient to pick everything up in the same place, that’s where I get most everything, despite the fact that it’s really not the cheapest.

  5. Angela says:

    It does feel good when you get something great and spend so little

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