I’m Such a Good Mom


September 4, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I’m a good mom because when I don’t feel like cooking I make popcorn for the kids. Oh, and yogurt.

Yup. That was dinner. And then I made smoothies for dessert. Because I am such a good mom.

What I’ve learned is that when Bugaboo eats popcorn he shovels it in his mouth and about half ends up on the floor. Which wouldn’t be so bad because the dog loves popcorn. Except today. Apparently it needed to be served on a silver platter or something because she was all, “Oh please! That piece of popcorn is FORTY INCHES from my nose! I cannot POSSIBLY be bothered to get up off of my slumber place on top of the air vent to get all three cups of popcorn! I mean, THE NERVE!”

It’s just popcorn. As everyone on the planet keeps reminding me, at least he WASN’T SMEARING POO on the carpet. Popcorn can be vac’d up very easily. I should appreciate that, right? I know my sister does. ‘Cause Bugaboo gave her a three-hour glimpse into a typical day with him. Let’s see…he was nekkid, just about the whole time. He ate everything in her pantry that crunched. He was upstairs. He was downstairs. He was upstairs again. He was downstairs again. He turned the water on in the bathroom. He turned the water on in the shower. He poo’d on her patio. Many times. He poo’d in the pool.

When we returned home and I decided I was going to be very lazy (while folding laundry and talking on the phone and doing room rescues), Bugaboo had already opened the pantry and was digging through dry pasta (he eats it in his rice bucket, dried lentils and pasta! YUM!) and bags of microwave popcorn (I know, it’s cancerous, causes asthma,blah, blah, blah. ) so I got a brain storm. I have a friend who is kinda a lazy cook (or was when she had one kid who never ate anyways) who often eats popcorn, donuts and cereal for dinner. FOR REALZ! She really does! And she has a PhD (and I don’t, but probably could have, since I had four majors and enough extra credits to have a MASTER’S), so it just goes to show you that sometimes they suck at cooking, too. Her PhD is in psychology, maybe it’s her passive aggressive way of rejecting her mother’s own food issues and avoiding placing them on her kids…but I digress.

I made popcorn. For dinner. And just so Bug Boy had protein, he got a yogurt, too. And a fruit smoothie. All healthy stuff because I am a good mom and I care about my children’s nutrition.

2 thoughts on “I’m Such a Good Mom

  1. Anjali says:

    Sounds delish to me! Oh, and there’s nothing more that I love then raw spaghetti. That would go great with a smoothie, too.

  2. Angela says:

    I do the same thing when I don’t feel like cooking. Tonight it was microwave chicken nuggets and applesauce

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