When Husbands Are Bored


August 26, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

My husband cannot sit still for very long.  Wait a minute, come to think of it, neither do I.  And the kids don’t, either. Hmmmm…

We are do-ers in this family.  We all have to be busy all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we know how to be lazy. It’s just that too much time on our hands (ten points if you know who sang it) can be a dangerous thing.  One weekend, when there were no real projects to do and the weather was very nice, Darling found scraps in the garage and made a dog house.  I should call it a doggie palace. It is enormous.  She’s never slept in it once.

The weather is el-stinko. After a week of horrible vacation weather (well, we had one or two decent days out of ten) the man is going crazy.  CRAZEE.  He did all of his usual weekend jobs yesterday, moving at warp speed because he was so happy to be home.  Even at his sister’s house he was running to the fix-it stores and fixing little things around her home. Her rented home.  That people get paid to fix for her, and she doesn’t pay for it.  I digress…

Now, there are plenty of projects that I’D like done. I have a honey-do list about a mile long.  He was particularly antsy this morning, drumming on the table, impatient at breakfast and pacing in the kitchen.  I set the stage.

Me: “Sigh.  I really need to get food shopping done.  With Bugaboo home all week, Bug Boy’s school tours and extra kids for three of the five days I have NO IDEA how I will get this done.”

Him:  “If you write a list, I will do it for you!  Just give me a list!  I don’t mind!”

A little enthusiastic, no?  Well, see,he knew that if he hung around the house I’d get him to do more than just laundry. Plus, last night Polite Boy slept over (yes, we were home from vacation for an hour and Bug Boy had already invited him over.  They hadn’t seen each other in a week).  There is no Nascar on today since it was on last night, hence, no reason to hang out in the Family Room folding all the laundry or vacuuming at commercial breaks. That was all done last night (I sat and did Sudoku during the race. I love Nascar days).  He is only too happy to get out of the house to go shopping.  At three stores.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, if only there was a way to get him to do the dishes…

One thought on “When Husbands Are Bored

  1. Crissie says:

    Styx……20 points for the albumn? Paradise Theater! LOL

    Can you get him to do my food shopping?

    DH spent 6 hours mowing the lawn last night because our $1500 lawn mower broke….again. Every time he uses it, come to think of it. Still, if that weren’t occupying his time, he has a list of things he wants to get done and none of it includes vacuuming 🙂

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