A Very Short Vacation


August 20, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Saturday was magical. We all breathed a sigh of relief the moment we began to drive up the dirt road towards the cabin. The dog and kids knew exactly where we were going and were excited. Once we parked the car at the end of the driveway and opened the doors, the kids and dog hopped out and began running around, laughing and playing. Darling and I smiled at each other and knew we made the right choice.

The entire day was relaxing and fun. We unpacked the car, swept up dead bugs, cleaned mouse stuff off of the beds and made them (all part of the deal). We headed into town to get water, milk and a few supplies and then stopped to see Darling’s grandmom. We planned to go to the local Amish buffet for dinner (mmmmm! Can you say comfort food?) and then to a town about forty-five minutes away where the main attraction is dirt-track car racing. FUN! The entire town (and I mean, young and old alike) gather at the arena for the races every Saturday evening. There are concessions, prize give-aways, a huge grass infield where families can spread out and picnic and races from seven o’clock on. And PLENTY of room for Bugaboo to run around (fenced in!) while the races went on. It was loud but we had headphones. The weather was quite cool, so we all had jackets on (IN AUGUST!) and there were no bugs to worry about. It was such a nice evening!

Sunday morning we woke up to find the clouds had started to roll in earlier than expected. We had a quick breakfast and took the kids and dog for a long hike. The weather was still cool but pleasant and we had a lovely walk. Once we decided to head over the mountain to Penn State the rain started. We got supplies for Grandmom, had lunch (Wegmans!) and drove around sight-seeing. We had checked the forecast at Wegman’s since they have Wi-fi (and darling brought his computer) and they upped the forecast. It was now going to rain THE ENTIRE TIME we were there. No lake. No waterpark. No bird sanctuary, no walking trails. We were forced to either plan to find indoor activities (not too many up there, I’m afraid) or sit in the cabin for three days, in the pouring rain (two inches expected!) playing board games and getting moldy.

After dinner we decided to hit the Creamery, the best place on the planet for ice cream. Honestly, it is a good thing I did not go to Penn State, I’d have eaten my share of it. The kids enjoyed it, Darling was happy and as we headed back to the cabin (and it began to rain even harder) we thought of alternative #3 for our vacation: Heading home.

This morning we woke up and posed the question to Bug Boy: should we stay and just hang around the cabin with little to do, but in the peace and quiet of the middle-0f-nowhere or should we head home early, go a few places near home Tuesday and Wednesday and then head to the shore for a few days?Bug Boy was sad to leave but he knew we needed to leave. So we did.

We packed up and cleaned the cabin in record time and then headed into town to stop at the buffet for lunch, say goodbye to Grandmom and stop off at the winery. We made it home before the heavy rain hit and have yet to unpack. We are being very lazy, after all, it is vacation!

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “A Very Short Vacation

  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like you made a good call. Enjoy the rest of your vacation at home!

  2. Trace says:

    I wondered why you commented last night when you were supposed to be on the much anticipated/dreaded vacation. I love the creamery too! Wow! The State College area is really moving forward…Wegmans. We don’t even have one close by here (yes, there is one, but it takes atleast a 1/2 hour to get there and said area is very congested/big box store central).

    Your trip sounds like it was a good length for you guys. You had the opportunity to see family, eat ice cream, hike, and see some of the sites before there were any issues w/the munchkins. Enjoy the time at home hanging out and being lazy…unless you need to get out and go to one of those inflatable places to burn off energy,LOL.

  3. BOSSY says:

    Relaxing and fun, huh? You mean you didn’t have to paint anything like Bossy did? You call that a vacation?

  4. Anjali says:

    Sorry you had to cut it short, but glad you got to get the ice cream BEFORE you had to leave! YUM!

  5. mcewen says:

    Nice to go away, nice to come home.
    Best wishes

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