Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Time Is To Get Away

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August 17, 2007 by Marj Hatzell


(It was the biggest one I could find, mmkay?)


The countdown begins.  We are leaving for a few days. I’m not packed (you are not surprised because I just finished telling you that I am a big, fat procrastinator).


It started off well!  Darling is working from home today, has NO PHONE MEETINGS, which means he can have his computer on, answer e-mails, get a few bits of paperwork done and actually watch the kids while I do a few things.  This morning the kids slept until 7:30.  Yes, you read that correctly. I JUST WOKE UP AND IT IS EIGHT IN THE MORNING!!!  Will wonders never cease?  ‘Cause that is a great way to send me off for a dreaded family vacation.


Her royal highness, Shad Roe the Dog, has been depressed. I went to the attic yesterday  to pull the suitcases out and once she got a load of those she knew we were going away. The thing is that we have taken her with us the last few times we’ve gone away, so I don’t know why she is being so dramatic. I think it might possibly be because SHE’S DRAMATIC.  Like, yesterday she was in my vegetable garden while I furiously picked the nine million tomatoes and she found a rotten one to eat. I yelled at her and she was all, “But Mom!  It’s a tomato!  A tomato! I love tomatoes!” and I was all, “Here, eat this RIPE one!” And she was all, “What is that object?  I’ve never seen it before in my life!” And I had to take a bite to SHOW MY DOG that she could eat it, after which she ate it with glee.  I shouldn’t have shown her, she is literally a goat.  Now she’ll eat everything except for the basil, which she hates.


We plan on eating ourselves silly (because we can, I refuse to cook on vacation), going to the lake to splash and swim (and get ticks) and going on long hikes for nature-seeing.  Since we are going to be REALLY, REALLY close to the best place in the world to get ice cream, we’ll just HAVE to pop on over there and all…


Have fun, y’all. If I am still sane when I get back I may even post pictures. I am fairly certain I will be slightly more stressed out than normal. I am hoping we don’t come back with more injuries than when we left, or ticks or poison ivy. That would be baaaaad…

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