Off To a Good Start, Of Course!


August 17, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Darling worked from home, so technically we started vacation today.  We slept in, the kids and I hit the pool, we lazed around and ate when we felt like it.

Bugaboo was kind enough to get two injuries before we even left.  He walked into the grill face first and got himself a nice shiner (and I noticed to night there is still skin on the edge of the grill where he bumped it, ewwwww!).  Then tonight as I walked out to the grill to flip corn (grilled corn rocks the house!) he made sure his hand got stuck in the door.  We thought it was broken, turns out it is just badly bruised with a NICE cut that didn’t bleed much.

Our last vacation to the cabin (two years ago) was cut short to three days because Bugaboo developed a bad eye infection and literally cried YELLOW tears.  We are hoping to avoid major catastrophe and get maybe five days out of this.  I packed his favorite trucks and buses and puzzles. I even packed his “homework” from school.  And, because we are brave, we packed Monopoly so Mr. Moneybags (aka Bug Boy) can gloat and kick our butts. Yes, at six he is the master of Monopoly.  I avoid playing at all costs…

See you in a few, should I survive it unscathed.

2 thoughts on “Off To a Good Start, Of Course!

  1. Allyson says:

    Daughter number 3 ALWAYS hurts herself when we go on holiday, within 5 minutes of being on holiday in Cornwall she slipped on her roller blades and had a HUGE graze on the outside of her thigh. It was so bad it had to be dressed everyday in the local cottage hospital. I had to cut tights to hold the dressing on which made her look like she had a false leg.She also has a scar on her chest from when she was about 7, she fell off her bike and got a graze which scarred which now looks like she has had open heart surgery!
    I hope you all have an enjoyable accident free holiday.

  2. Rachel says:

    Try to enjoy your vacation!!!

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