It Finally Rained and My Garden is Oh-So-Happy


August 10, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I am one of those weird, twisted individuals that appreciates rain in all its glory.

Give me a downpour any day over bright and sunny. I’d rather have cloudy and slightly humid weather (yes Kathy, HUMID!) than a sunny day with low humidity. I’d rather have a thunderstorm than a quiet and breezy summer day. Yeah, I’m crazy like that. And plus I have AC (new! improved! Dehumidifier!) so I can just go back inside to a beautifully climate-controlled seventy-four whenever I darn well please, thankyouverymuch! Humidity? What humidity?

Last night when it FINALLY decided to rain I did a little, happy rain dance. No sprinklers and hoses to drag out, no bright sun to worry about burning my skin (which is so white it snow blinds people and scares away young children and pets). The white noise from rain hitting the roof and street is one of the most peaceful sounds I know. And trust me, I know sound. Let’s just say I am a tad over-sensitive when it comes to noise and smells. And the smell of rain just before it begins? Darling says it smells pink, if pink had a smell. I say it smells like earth, grass and renewal. I love that smell.

The plants are happy. They received a healthy dose of rain last night, although much of that has evaporated off at this point. But they seem HAPPY! They smile! HONEST! In fact, yesterday I finally had to pick tomatoes from my garden. I was getting one or two here and there but yesterday I picked an ENTIRE PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG FULL. I am going to be eating tomatoes all day. I won’t even mention how many To-mah-toes I received as part of the farm-to-city program yesterday (I say To-mah-toes and you say To-may-toes, because the CSA to-mah-toes are higher class, being raised by Amish farmers and organic and all that jazz. Which basically means they are grown in poop. I should send them Bugaboo. He’d grow great ones. ). Let’s just say I bought a ton of buffalo mozzarella yesterday and it will be a main dish for dinner!

Of course, I saved the best for last. When planning the new veggie garden ( I hadn’t had a veggie garden since leaving the old house two years ago this week!) I was digging through a box, forgotten in the back of the basement storage area. I managed to find gardening gloves, clothes pins and a box of seeds. In that box of seeds was an unmarked envelope with three measly sunflower seeds. I nearly tossed them in true Flylady fashion but decided in the end, WHAT THE HECK? The worst that can happen is that they won’t grow or that I’ll mistake them for weeds and pull them, right? The tomatoes usually take over anyways, which is why I only planted one grape tomato, one Polish Plum(the weirdest I’ve ever planted, without a doubt. Bigger than PEPPER) and one Slicer. And basil, can’t forget the basil. If I could plant buffalo mozzarella in my yard I would, but somehow I think I need an actual animal for that and I am pretty sure there is an ordinance against having animals-who-once-roamed-the-Great-Plains-and-used-to-be-on-the-endangered-list-but-no-longer-are in our neck of the woods. Imagine how delighted I was to see this sight when I went out to pick tomatoes yesterday:



There they are. Nearly nine feet tall, I kid you not. The garden is raised off the ground about six inches and the fence is approximately four feet (forty eight inches for those of you not good at math). If you look closely you will see the brown spots on our grass from Forrest Gump’s Darling’s fertilizing and weed-killing extravaganza last week. I got the tape measure out yesterday and jumped with glee. WITH GLEE, I tells ya. The sunflowers, once thought of as a long shot, are now the pride and joy of my garden and they haven’t even BLOOMED yet! The stalks are the width of…uh…let’s just say you can wrap your hand around them (dirty mind!). I didn’t post the pic of my hand wrapped around the stalk because I had a feeling it would end up on an adult site somewhere…

I tried taking a pic of them from the front and I CANNOT FIT THEM IN THE FRAME because the house is twelve feet away and even taking a pic out the picture window doesn’t do it justice, since you can see Bugaboo’s fingerprints and the dog’s slobber and nose prints and plenty of other dirt marks I don’t want you to see…

5 thoughts on “It Finally Rained and My Garden is Oh-So-Happy

  1. pkzcass says:

    LOL!!!! You make me laugh with the way you write. Now, even with 95% humidity, it’s nowhere near as humid here as it is by the ocean. I know because my bangs stay straight, so I’m not complaining. As for the rain, I don’t mind it, except when I have to go out in the yard and pick up about 6 big piles of waterlogged dogsh*t. Yup, that’s gotta be my favorite thing in the world to do.

    The sunflowers look great. Will they come back every year?

  2. BOSSY says:

    The Domestic Goddess And The Beanstalk. Sounds like a lovely children’s fable.

  3. Nadine says:

    Ha. I thought my mother was the only person in the world who actually enjoys bad weather! But I have to admit, there’s nothing like sitting in a cozy warm living room, while there’s a thunderstorm outside.

  4. Trace says:

    We don’t have a vegetable garden, but we do have an herb garden and it is doing FANTASTIC!! Do you need any basil, thyme, oregano, or flat leaf parsley…you can come and pick some. There is no way we can eat it all.

    Seeing the vinyl fence in your picture reminded me. Did we ever see a picture of your newly resided house? I know I’ll see it at the R. yardsale but…

  5. Crissie says:

    Let it rain, I say! Better that then have to fight the bugs to water the plants every night 🙂 My “garden in the pots” on my patio is doing well after the rain and humidity. I finally got another cucumber and more cherry tomatoes, and my basil is smelling oh-so-sweet. Love your mutant sunflowers by the way!

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