Why Shaving Sucks for DG


August 7, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I do not enjoy shaving.

You may remember this post, in which I explained (in excruciating detail) the variety of hair removal products and methods I’ve tried.  And I know it was as exciting as watching paint dry (which, for some reason, I find exciting!)  Believe me, I’ve tried just about everything.  And, because I am the kind and benevolent blawger that I am, I will rehash it for you. Because I care, you know.

The problem with hair removal is that no matter how it is removed, the end result (for me, anyways) is always the same:  horrible, itchy, rashy razor burn-y(is that a word? It is now!) bumpy, pimple-like welts.  My legs usually do not get the worst of it, au contraire! I get a little redness and itchiness and a slight similarity to the measles for a day or so.  The armpits?  Not so good.  They end up with painful and infected pimple-like growths that take days to heal (forget shaving the next day!  And the bikini line?  Without going into gory detail, let’s just say it is the armpits, times ten.  I use a new razor each time.  I use hypoallergenic shaving cream. When I use Nair or Veet it is worse, so I know it isn’t just the razor.  I’ve tried moisturizing like crazy, using special skin prep treatments, expensive shaving creams, waxing, sugaring you name it.  I still get bumps.  Welts, even.  Sometimes hives, most of the time boils and once in a while it goes away without incident.  In the meantime, I wear nothing but capri pants and teeshirts in the summer with an occasional long skirt.  If I am feeling somewhat brave (and it is no more than four hours after I’ve attempted to remove hair) I wear a tank top.  I know, I know, sensitive skin.  But this happens winter, spring, summer and fall. The Dermatologist has no answers for me.  Believe me, we are intimate, the Derm doc and I.

So, bloggy world, I now turn to you for help.

Please.  Please, I am begging you. I will try ANYTHING.  I’ve surfed the ‘net looking for tried-and-true only to try them and find out the truth is the method sucks.  I’ve tried creams from the Derm.  I’ve tried cold baths. I’ve tried hot baths. I’ve tried letting in grow in. I’ve tried shaving it off faster. I’ve tried dyeing my hair blue, stripping nekkid and dancing around a sacrificial fire on the full moon (well, maybe not that).  The thing is, nothing seems to work.  Permit me to tell you, this huuuuurts.  Wearing underwear makes it worse.  I know you were all just DYING to know that in addition to not wearing antiperspirant (I wear a natural deodorant, only when I have to) that I try not to wear underwear when I’ve tried hair removal. Because you all want to know about my underwearing habits, I could tell.

14 thoughts on “Why Shaving Sucks for DG

  1. Angela says:

    You poor thing! That is really bad. I don’t know what to tell you. Did you try that lazor hair removial thing? It is probably expensive but if nothing else works maybe that will. Hope you figure out something.

  2. Dirkey says:

    Oh I’m sorry DG!!
    I have this problem but with antipersperent. Nothing worked for me except Dove (even the natural). Hmm good luck with the shaving that bites!!!

  3. Crissie says:

    Unfortunately, the only thing I use these days is a razor. I, too, get a rash. Only mine is not as bad as yours sounds. You could try going all “European”-like and not shave at all? Just a suggestion…..

  4. You know, going all hippie on my bad self isn’t a horrible idea. I’ve had worse ones. There is another person that factors into the equation, however. And, believe it or not, once in a while I’d like to wear a skirt or tank top. Right now shorts are a no-no.

  5. Rachel says:

    Oh, DG, I could have written this post. Here’s what works for me:
    Legs – First use some type of body scrub on them. Then use regular guy’s foam shaving cream and carefully shave them. Rinse well, apply baby oil or cream.
    Armpits – Use shaving cream, shave in two directions and then with arm down shave part visible when move arm back. Still will see dark hair under the surface, but I’ve come to ignore it.
    Bikini – Use electric razor to shave down so it is short. Then put on boy’s style bathing suit bottoms and ignore.

  6. Jenna says:

    Gillette Venus Breeze. I’m totally in love with it.

  7. Anjali says:

    Yikes! Sorry. That sounds awful. Have you talked to a dermatologist about it? They might have suggestions (though it sounds like you’ve tried them all)!

  8. Tracy says:

    I bought this stuff (purchased at Eckerd) from Monistat that is powder gel. It is specifically for sensitive skin caused by shaving. I have been using it for the bikini area and have found it helpful.

  9. MamaBit says:

    Have you looked into the products that are made for African American men? I had a boyfriend in college that had horrible problems with just this kind of stuff, and he had a product that he used. I don’t remember anything about it unfortunately except that it was marketed to African American men because they tend to have more problems with this than Caucasian men.

    Personally, I stopped shaving my legs in college. Painful and I don’t heal well so little nicks were a big problem. On the rare occasion that I wear a skirt it is usually with dark hosiery. I wear shorts all summer and just ignore people that give me a hard time. DH says he doesn’t mind because I NEVER have that stubbly barbed-razor wire feeling.

  10. I cannot say I’ve tried products for AA men, so I will look into that. The derm gave me all kinds of crazy creams, I’m at the point where I think I might just stop shaving.

  11. Janice says:

    Just an idea… they make a battery powered razor for men to use to trim their mustaches/beards. They come with what they call guards that slip over the blade and control the length of the hair that is removed. I know it wouldn’t be a close or really smooth shave, but if you put on the lowest guard the guard would be moving across the hair and cutting it off, not shaving and grating across your skin. At least it would be a short cut and not long hairs. This shouldn’t cause a problem since it never touches your skin. As I said, just an idea. I’d sure try it if I couldn’t shave. They have these at Wal-Mart and Beauty Supply Stores. If it doesn’t work for you the boys could use it to cut patterns in the dogs fur! LOL

  12. Nadine says:

    Oh no! That sounds like a pain in the..

    I use Gilette Venus with my husbands shaving gel for sensitive skin. I always shave in the shower. And afterwards I use either body lotion or baby lotion. I hope it helps, good luck!

  13. carrievoris says:

    i am terribly late on getting caught up with my blog reading…but have you tried this?

    i use it when i have to shave – it works pretty well. otherwise, i get waxed – hurts a bit at first, but it is so nice while it is growing in! no bumps, no horrific itching.

  14. Roland says:

    DG, I share your misery, I’m a guy, I tried electric body groomers, shaving with numerous types of razors, Nair, Veet, everything. Nothing seems to work, this is terrible, TERRIBLE. The stubble of my black coarse body hair hurts so bad, and the bumps look dreadful, DREADFUL.

    I am saving to invest in laser hair removal, I find it the last and only option I have. It will cost around 15000$ for my whole body, (since I have very coarse hair). But this is how far I’m willing to go. I hope it works for you.

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