Something Wicked This Way Comes


August 6, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

My sisters and I had a wonderful opportunity this weekend!  We went to see a show downtown and afterwards grabbed some dinner. It was seven-plus hours of near-silence (except for us gabbing each other’s ears off!) and good company. I can say I was more than relaxed when we arrived home. Except for the migraine I had the entire time. Yeah, that part sucked.  Since Dino Boy’s Mom is a walking medicine cabinet ( I am not joking, if you need it, she’s got it!) I did find some relief during out evening.

So, which show did we see?  I’ll give you a hint.  It was, well, WICKED-GOOD. (I slay me!) Get it?  Wicked good?  WICKED good?  No?  Sheesh…here’s the link.

Some of the highlights:

  • We went to a matinee.  A little less money, only one understudy, who was not a main part.  Good seats on the first level (the first time we ever sat that low for a show we’ve attended together) although there was a pole kinda obstructing part of our view of the side of the stage.
  • Good parking, six dollars cheaper than the one they sold pre-paid parking for.  And it was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the Academy of Music, which is where we saw the show.  Except for the part where we tried to walk down the stairs (apparently people just don’t do that anymore) and they were blocked by tape, so we took another  stairwell, which ended in a brick wall, and finally walked down the ramp that said, “No Pedestrians on ramp.”
  • Walking in, getting our playbills and then sitting down and people watching. We pointed out all of the places we’ve sat there, the shows we’ve seen and gloated that we’re sitting on the FIRST LEVEL, peeps.
  • Going to the bathroom before the show. We went down some stairs to a large ladies’ room that was set up assembly-line style, had teeny, narrow loos and large unforgiving mirrors at the end of the line. Plus the johns were low and the doors were high, meaning you could look under to see people’s feet and find a WHOLE. LOT. MORE.
  • The first half was WOW! 
  • The trip to the bathroom at intermission was not wow.  It was BLECH!  Mostly because there was some poor woman in there losing the contents of her stomach over and over and over again and that bathroom was a teeny three-stall loo on the first floor with no ventilation. Poor woman.
  • Upon leaving the bathroom my sisters (who did not have to go, just me and my overactive bladder) and I remarked that no one was dressed up at the show and how annoyed with that we were, even if it WAS summer and WAS a matinee and it was mostly people with children.  I even took it as far as to complain about the amount of denim and khaki pants we saw, and promptly inserted my foot in my mouth when we realized that the entire row in front of us was wearing golf shirts and khaki pants.  But I am glad they heard me because my opinion is that going to the theater is a special event and you should dress up a little so that you feel special, even if you are going to be paying for the ticket for three months.
  • The second half, DOUBLE WOW!
  • When the show was over we headed to dinner, taking some back roads since the DOT insists on performing road maintenance in the middle of the day on a Saturday and backing the highway waaaaay up, from the Commodore Barry to the airport.  My sisters and I half-bickered about which way to go and marveled at the fact that we had just crossed a bridge on the “list of bridges in need of repair, like, yesterday!” and lived to tell the tale.
  • Arriving at our dinner destination, being seated immediately, getting drinks right away (the waitress looked at me like I was an alien with gaping wounds when I ordered a hot tea.)  and then sitting for an eternity to order and get our food, which was o-tay since the Old Man with the Accordion was playing that evening and the Owner was singing old Italian love songs and we were having a great time.  If only I had a lighter I could have pretended we were at an Old Man with the Accordion and the Italian Love Song Singing Owner concert.
  • Finishing our yummy dinners (although I did not finish it) and deciding we were going to live our lives with reckless abandon for now on. Well, we are gonna at least order a huge slab of cheesecake covered in cherry sauce and see how much more reckless we can get from there.  Rebels.
  • Arriving home at the same time as my husband, who kinda sorta forgot that there was water in the pool, so when he let the boys right into the backyard after seven hours of a road trip and shoppping, he did not realize Bugaboo would dive head-first into the pool, clothes, shoes and all.   So I got the bright idea that I should just strip him.  And he got the bright idea that he would just poop in the pool.  Sigh.

The absolute highlight of the day had to be when my sisters went home and we were getting the boys ready for bed. Darling turned to me at one point and stated that after a WHOLE DAY WITH THEM he was about to go bonkers. He had reached his limit and was done. He was REALLY, REALLY looking forward to them going to bed.  That is when I said, with a hearty chuckle, “Welcome to my world. Now times that by seven and you get a faint indication of what I feel like each day when you arrive home. NOW do you realize what I am going through and why I get burnt out and need days like this to recharge?”  To which he replied, “Yes!  Now, how do you DO this all day without completely losing it?”  And I said, “I count the minutes until you will arrive home and give me some relief.

He gets it folks.  After ten years (almost eleven) of marriage and nearly seven years of children, a five-ton weight fell from the sky and hit him.  He finally understands.

 Was that a pig that just flew by the window? 

4 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. Trace says:

    Ah hah, he has seen the light!!

    I personally hate the bathroom situation at plays. I too have overactive bladder (Detrol is a godsend) combined w/shy bladder so a crowded restroom is my nightmare.

  2. Angela says:

    Sounds like a blast, although the head pain I am sure was not fun.
    It is great when hubby’s finally get it

  3. Crissie says:

    It was WICKED fantabulous! I want to see it again and again. And, found the soundtrack on Amazon for $9.99! Whoo-hoo!!!!!

  4. MommyBrain says:

    Oooo! A friend and I have tickets to see it in two weeks. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see the show. I can’t wait to leave DH home with the kids.

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