Addicted to Gossip


July 20, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Don’t ask me why.

I’ve bookmarked several celebrity gossip sites and now I’m hooked. Perez, TMZ, D-listed, ASL, you name it.   I seriously could care less about celebrities, so why do I keep looking?  Is it like when people see a nasty accident on the highway and a bottleneck forms because people just can’t drive by without slowing down and gaping?  I have never cared about fashion or hair or skin or anything, why all the sudden is it a moral imperative to see what people have been wearing on the red carpet and to award shows?

Boredom?  Maybe.  I haven’t been able to sit and enjoy a good book in months. That will change this weekend as I expect a special shipment from Amazon, a shipment I reserved a mere eight months ago.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, I’ll give you a hint:  It starts with H- P- and ends in “Arry Otter.”

All I know is that I love Victoria Beckham.  She doesn’t look anorexic to me, just a rich a pampered princess.  May-ja.  All I know is that Britney is a train wreck and it is awful that everyone is hanging around, waiting for the moment when they get it all on tape and film so that they can be the first site or mag to report her losing custody of her kids for being an idiot (someone, PUHLEASE smack that girl and send her home to her babies, mmmkay?  GROW THE F*CK UP!).  And Brad Pitt and Angelina?  Hot.  Double Hot.  FRICKIN’ -A HOT!  And their kids, while exploited daily by the media, may grow up somewhat normal if people would just leave them alone.

I need to get over this new two-week obsession of mine.  It isn’t helping anything. It is turning me into a trailer-trash, People-reading, Checkout-counter-mag-because-I’m-too-cheap-to-buy-it, View-Watching loser.

But I loved watching Victoria take LA by surprise last night.  Mayja. 

One thought on “Addicted to Gossip

  1. Angela says:

    I try to stay away from the trash but it is hard when they do the dumbest things

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