July 13, 2007 by Marj Hatzell


Another week down.  Where the heck did it go?  Anyone see it?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

In one respect I like it when time seems to pass so quickly that I do not remember half of what I’ve done that particular week.  Occasionally (like yesterday) I cannot catch my breathe and long to put the breaks on, desperate to pause time for just a few moments at a feeble attempt to lessen my heart rate and heart burn.  For the most part, let it pass.

Poopy basement?  Glad it’s gone.

In-law visit?  Nice, but happy they left.

Therapy?  We need it but sometimes I get sick of people in my house all the time.

School and camp?  I am glad they are going (they need it) but getting it all together to get them out the door, I can live without.

 Appointments and obligations?  Happy to oblige but happy we got through it.

Just waiting for the weekend to start. I get a break, get some relief, get it together.  Having hubby home to help is HELLA YEAH!  (look at me using alliteration.  I’m so cunning)

Weekend plans?  Might get a facial with my sister who is starting Mary Kay.  Not Dino Boy’s mom, the other older one.  Might hang curtains.  Might check out a paint color for the Family Room, since Tuscan Beige is actually code word for “boring pink that clashes with brick.” Might catch up on the little things I didn’t get done during the week, like dusting and cleaning.  Or I might just spend quality time with the kids and husband and say the heck with the rest.

Life is short.  Play hard.

One thought on “TGIF

  1. Angela says:

    Lots to do and everything seems like so much work. I know what you mean.

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