If Poop Happens, Why Does It Keep Happening To Me?


July 12, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Third time’s the charm, right? Does that mean that from now on it is good luck?

Last evening, in the chaos of waiting for BIL’s plane, making dinner, quieting doggies scared of thunderstorms and reassuring nervous children we forgot all about Bugaboo.  We also declined to remember that Bugaboo had not gone to the bathroom for two days.  When he disappeared into the basement playroom, his favorite place to unwind, I had no idea he would come back upstairs covered in it.

And I mean, covered.   Like, waist down.  And a few other places.  It seems that he finally had the urge to go and then took off his diaper.  And then went again and again and again.

Doesn’t smell great down there right now.  I spent a loooong time scrubbing, disinfecting and steaming.  And I will be VERY happy when he is finally potty trained, although at the moment I am not holding my breath. He is four-and-a-half and not even CLOSE.


4 thoughts on “If Poop Happens, Why Does It Keep Happening To Me?

  1. Trace says:

    OH-MY-GOSH!!! How sucky (or should I say smelly)!!! He’ll get potty trained eventually. Remember when he wasn’t talking…now he is, and when he wasn’t eating much…now he is. Under your support he’ll get there!!

  2. MommyBrain says:

    My insomniac self read: “Doesn’t smell great down there” followed by “I am not holding my breath” and my sleepless brain couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t hold your breath while cleaning up poo. Yeah, scanning/skimming really doesn’t mean reading faster.

    Hang in there. 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    Oh, man! You KNOW I can empathize with this situation. I hope it improves. Is there any hope of getting Quinn Behavior Excellence to come out and work with him? The IU was all set to pay for it for us.

  4. summershine says:

    Oh I’ve got the same problem going on. My four year old son absolutely refuses to have anything to do with the potty. He’s never peed in it or pooped in it. New underwear, candy, cheerio dunking, nothing motivates. He could sit there at least half and hour, the whole time telling me, “Not working.”
    I know it will happen eventually but I have a newborn in diapers now and diapers are expensive!

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