It’s Wednesday! You Know What That Means!!!


July 11, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Today is Wednesday.  On Wednesdays, all across the world, everyone goes to their nightstands, bathroom cabinets, drawers and closets and pulls out a special tool for a very special job.  At this moment, in many places across the globe, there could be thousands of people performing the same task.

Nail Clipping.

Since I started doing Flylady and began downloading the Motivated Moms calendar (my life-saver of choice) Wednesdays became the day that we clipped nails. The MM calendar is great at reminding you to do mundane tasks.  I mean, who actually wipes their light switches, door knobs and telephone buttons each week?  Don’t you usually wait until there is visible grime?  Well, thanks to MM, I now do it automatically each week.  The little things get done, the big things get done and everyone on the planet clips their kids’ nails on Wednesdays.

What?  You don’t do it on Wednesdays?  You must be in the minority, then.

What?  You don’t either.  Ahem…well, I, er…

You should be doing it once a week.  Preferably Wednesdays.  So get to it.In fact, just to prove to you that it is done on Wednesdays, I will share this little anecdote with you:

Bug Boy:  Mom!  My nails are really long!  I never cut them last week!

DG:  That’s because you were up at the cabin with your grandma on Wednesday last week.

Bug Boy:  Moooom!  Doesn’t she have nail clippers?

DG: I  bet she does.

Bug Boy:  Then why didn’t she cut them?

DG:  Maybe because she didn’t know that we cut them on Wednesdays?

Bug Boy:  Yes she did!  Everyone does it on Wednesdays!

DG:  Not always.  Some people might cut them on Mondays.  Today.  Do you want me to cut them today?  That way we can skip this Wednesday and then cut them next Wednesday again.

Bug Boy:  No, Mom!  Today is Monday!  We cut nails on Wednesdays.  I am not cutting them until Wednesday, no matter what.  But they are really bothering me.

DG:  Well, then why don’t I cut them and then we can do it again on Wednesday, okay?

Bug Boy:  But today is Monday…

This is a fairly typical conversation in our home.  When you have children that are so schedule-oriented they thrive on knowing which days we do certain things, which time of the day we do things like taking vitamins or doing laundry and love to know what is about to ensue far in advance.  It sounds OCD but the truth is that it improves daily functioning quite a bit.  It oils the machine, so to speak.  Meltdowns vanish, children breathe a sigh of relief and mommy doesn’t need Calgon (or wine) so very often. So while it seems that I am raising children to be on Oprah in about ten years showing her their Styrofoam cup collection and all of the plastic grocery shopping they keep in barrels in their three-car garages, I am actually teaching them that they can lessen their anxieties by sometimes knowing what to expect and sometimes being flexible when the situation calls for it.

We just haven’t quite gotten to the flexible part, yet.  We are still working on that.

And today? Today I need to mop my floor. But it isn’t Saturday

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday! You Know What That Means!!!

  1. pkzcass says:

    LOL!!! I meant to cut the boys’ nails last night after showers but forgot. DS8’s nails are getting long and grimy. DS10 now bites his nails, so that’s 10 fingers I don’t have to do (just his nasty toes; wish he’d bite them too!). I was just looking at my nails thinking I’d take a moment and clip them. Now you’ve really inspired me to do it.

  2. bigwhitehat says:

    As a matter of fact, I clipped my nails and Tiger’s today.

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