Not The Way I Envisioned Spending My Weekend.


July 8, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Let’s see.

  • The BIL from CA came to PA for 4 days, 2 of which were mostly travel and the other two were spent trying to make his 20-years divorced parents feel like they were getting equal time so we got to see him for 4 hrs.
  • I found a moonbounce at Target DRASTICALLY reduced because it was an Internet return.  Don’t ever do that. Buy an Internet return, that is.  Because there is a slight chance that someone bought a $700 moonbounce, took out the new one, put their old crappy one back into the same box and made it look like it was never opened by sealing it with packing tape and returned it, and then the store put it on the shelf without opening it because it looked new, and this unsuspecting and brutally honest and truthful woman (read:  Can’t lie due to upbringing, can’t sit in the wrong seat at a baseball game) might buy it because it is 75% off and really, really cool and perfect for her autistic children to bounce on for hours on end and she might set it up on a Saturday morning and invite the neighbor kids over but as soon as they dragged it out of the box and tried to blow it up it wouldn’t inflate and the kids found holes and duct tape and food and mold and crud and one of the little girls noticed it was a different moonbounce than what was on the box and one little boy was determined to jump on it anyway for twenty minutes but it was no dice and when the kids went in the sprinkler out of frustration it was quickly returned to Tarzhay by a very cranky mommy who explained that it should never, EVER go back on the shelf…
  •  Sunday.  Church, family time, lunch, family time, relax, finally hang curtains and window treatments, a few loads of laundry, go to bed early, rightNope.  Overslept,  Massive migraine, Box of cheerios spilled on the floor, Loud kids, Husband who disappeared while Wife tried to rest, person stopped by to observe kids because wife is a sucker and cannot say no, husband pulled disappearing act to Tarzhay to buy deodorant.  For an hour.  Wife made a decent dinner, neighbor boy was over playing (thank goodness) and kept one of the loud children busy, the other loud child mostly sprawled on the floor because Wife and Husband think he might be coming down with something and then they took a trip to the Home Improvement store to check out wood blinds, only to find out that they are frickin’ expensive so they got to faux blinds to try out. Husband spent TWO HOURS putting up two window blinds and complained and cussed and slammed things the whole time, at which time Husband noticed the thermostat had climbed five degrees, the blower from the AC was on but the compressor was not, breaker is tripped, AC still not working, house is now 80+ degrees and Husband and Wife and Loud kids are sweating.  And heat can make loud kids louder and more prone to seizures.  And Husband’s very princessy sister is coming for three days and they might all be sleeping in the basement with those flippin’ camel crickets.  And there are still no curtains and window treatments hung and Wife is  still getting dressed in her (decent sized walk-in) closet.  When Husband and Wife get out of the shower they have to crouch down to get dried off since there is a window RIGHT THERE outside the shower.
  • At least tomorrow’s Monday and WOOOHOOO!!! Bugaboo is BACK IN SCHOOL!!! So while I might be losing ten pounds in water weight by the time I wake up tomorrow, at least my poor, confused, schedule-oriented child will finally be getting back to “normal.”  Or at least the new version of it.  Normal 4.0, or something like it.  And Bug Boy (and his mohawk) is going to be in camp all morning so I will have TWO HOURS of silence!!!!!

AND it’s July. Did you know this?  When did this happen?  I must have missed the memo.

6 thoughts on “Not The Way I Envisioned Spending My Weekend.

  1. Allyson says:

    School is wonderful for the order and discipline it gives to children, especially those on the autistic spectrum. My daughters sleep routine goes out of the window when she has school holidays no matter how hard I try.

  2. pkzcass says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about it! Please update about the AC and the window treatments. We have the faux wood blinds…they’re pretty good. Hope your day is better than the weekend.

  3. BOSSY says:

    Stinky weekends are the worst. But either way, Bossy goes into Monday denial.

  4. Angela says:

    What a crazy weekend!

  5. Crissie says:

    Sucks about the moonbounce. Not sure how much you want to spend, but Leaps and Bounds has a cute one that isn’t huge for around $125 I think.

    Sorry your weekend wasn’t great. Hope it gets better!

  6. Crissie says:

    Oh, and EWWWW

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