June 15, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

The time has come, it is getting late.  It is time to celebrate.  It’s ROOF AND SIDING TIIIIIIME!!!!

Today’s the day and proper hour.  Country blue leaves my stomach sour.

The roof will go and siding, too.  The windows?  Why not? Anywho…

We’ve hemmed and hawed for months on end. We’ve researched colors as we tend.

Faded colors look so bland.  Now we’re getting Desert Sand!

The shutters were a dreadful red.  “Almost Black!”  is what I’ve said.

The garage roof will be done as well.  If not Darling would have yelled.

Three weeks of construction HECK to brave.  More than that and I am sure to cave.

NO MORE RHYMING NOW, I MEAN IT!  Anybody want a peanut? 



Possible After (Artist’s rendering may deviate from actual finished product):


The After that doesn’t depend on hell freezing over or pigs flying by the window:


 Except that it won’t look anything like that, either…You’ll just have to wait and see. So there.

6 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. The new color scheme will go better with your brick. Your home looks nice, peaceful, patriotic. Very nice!

  2. pkzcass says:

    LOL!! Great post Marj. I can’t wait to see the final product.

  3. Cryssyer says:

    Nice tease. Didn’t see the third picture at first and I laughed… Can’t wait to see it.

  4. John Kirton says:

    Off subject to this post, but regarding your post to “What are they thinking” blog. The story of the cookie lady and bugaboo. It reminded me of what happen to my wife at the pizza store.

    She was waiting in line to place the order and Sarah(5) she had sit on the little kids bench. Well, when another child sat beside her she didn’t care for it and gave him a shove. My wife was not aware of this until the child’s mother said, “Would you stop you little girl from pushing my child?” To which she replies, “Oh, I sorry she’s Autistic and doesn’t understand about not pushing.”

    The mother just rolled her eyes. My wife had big brother take her back out to the car which caused a minor melt-down.

    My wife couldn’t take it and had to comment, “Ma’am, I didn’t appreciate it when I told you my daughter was Autistic and you rolled your eyes at me.” Her comment was, “Well, my cousin has an Autistic child and doesn’t use IT as an excuse.”

    She then started into various parenting comments and advise, while her two perfectly NT preteens stood beside her. My wife was livid as she walked out and gave the parting shot of, “Just be thankful YOU don’t have an Autistic child!”

    It’s interesting that those who don’t know think that they do.

  5. Angela says:

    Love your rhyming

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