Get a Life!


June 13, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Here are some things I want to do someday:

  • Rejoin a book club, since I tried to join and made it through three books in one year
  • Actually sit and read a book, the whole reason for joining a book club in the first place
  • Go out once a week with friends for social outings. I mean friends that are in their twenties or older and have children and want to run away, too.
  • Find a really good babysitter so that I do not have to take advantage of family members anymore. One that does not fall asleep or allow my children to run around nekkid eating chocolate and getting into things while the babysitter watches television or uses the computer. I realize I have to start paying babysitters now. Boohoo.
  • Go out on more dates with my husband. Right now we average once every three months for an actual date. Once in a blue moon we can get someone to cover for an hour while we grab a slice or pizza or run and errand we cannot run with the Bugs in tow.
  • Hire a housekeeper. I need a break from it.
  • Hire a cook. I am out of ideas at the moment.
  • Hire a behavior specialist to come to my house to help me discipline my children more effectively. One of the most difficult aspects of autism is that the normal methods DO NOT WORK for these children. I know that parenting involves constantly tweaking and changing but this is ridiculous. What works one moment does not work five minutes later.
  • Hire a gardener because I have grand ideas for my fabulous yard and just do not have the time to implement anything. I am lucky to get a few weeds pulled or the plants watered. Thank goodness it has been raining quite a bit!
  • Go to the gym 3-4 days a week. Before kids I went 5-6 days a week and was in very good shape. Right now I fight to get three days a week in. I am in decent shape but I’d like to do more. When the kids go back in September I will be able to go back to going every day, if I want to.
  • Go to more parent meetings and such.
  • Go to more shows and concerts
  • Have more time devoted to crafts and hobbies. I’ll take thirty minutes a week.
  • Paint my walls. They are still the original construction white in most of the house. It is making me crazy. I like color, lots of it. Looking at white walls reminds me of doctor’s offices or the dentist. BOOOOO-RING! And color might help conceal some of the finger prints and other mysterious smudges. Especially if I paint the walls with eggshell enamel, which is easier to clean than the current FLAT PAINT.
  • Get another dog. I have a devious plan. At some point I want a service dog for Bugaboo so this is a good way to approach the conversation with Darling. I’ve half-jokingly threatened to get a Great Dane or Greyhound. He likes teeny dogs. It is fun to tease him because he is honestly afraid of big dogs.
  • Figure out some sort of way to work part time and earn some money. I do not want to go back to teaching. I am not sure I want to continue day care much longer. I may pick up more tutoring hours.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

PS – I’ve looked at my stats. There are quite a few of you who are stalking and not SAYING anything. Please reveal yerselves. Thank you and have a nice day.

5 thoughts on “Get a Life!

  1. Heather says:

    HE’s afraid of big dogs??? WHAT??? Shad is a big dog…..

    See, look, I commented….

    And I was JUST watching a show today about service dogs.. that would be cool you know bug boy would want to get on his bike though and have to dog pull him everywhere….

  2. BOSSY says:

    The hiring and reading thing sounds good to Bossy!

  3. Trace says:

    Dude! I’m reading My Sister’s Keeper right now and it is AWESOME! It’s about a girl who was genetically engineered to be a donor for her sister who has leukemia and she rebels at age 13. It really makes you look at your ethics. I am having a hard time not putting it down.

    If you want to join the blog book club your welcome to, or I belong to a local book club too. They meet on the first Friday of each month (except during the summer, we have off). It’s a mixed group of older and younger women. My favorite part is that there are no young children there so I can not think about adoption or babies the whole time!! Anyway, we talk about the book for a while, drink wine, and eat. Good times…

    Are you interested in doing one of those meal prep places (instead of a cook for now)? There’s one in Chadds Ford and if your interested I’m game. You prepare full meals (a weeks worth or a months, I forget exactly), freeze them, defrost, and eat.

    And, yes, I occasionally lurk, but usually I comment. I know I supposedly get 60-some hits daily, but usually end up w/between 5-10 comments :-).

  4. Cryssyer says:

    Solution proposal for the more dating your spouse thing:
    Trade off kids. Commit to a monthly date night and have someone else do the same on a different night (you know, like me!) then we switch off watching each others kids. Sounds cool, huh? I like it! ‘Sides, it’s what family is for….

  5. Rachel says:

    “Go out once a week with friends for social outings. I mean friends that are in their twenties or older and have children and want to run away, too.”

    I’m up for this! I think I’m a little older than my twenties but I do have children and fantasize about running away every once in a while, too.

    You’ve inspired me to write a post about my own goals. After I’ve finished checking in on a few more blogs, I’ll update my own.

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