The Difference a Week Makes


June 8, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Seven measly days.  That is all it took for me to change my anti-drug stance. Well, actually it was more like two days.  Two days for me to realize that holding back on medication for Bugaboo was silly and dangerous. We are now privy to the fact that he clearly has/had a chemical imbalance in his brain, as they tried to assure us all along.  My child. My sweet, adorable, lovable, hugs-so-hard-it-hurts child.  He has something different about his brain.

Of course, I have known this since he was born. Anyone biologically connected to me is not a normal person. Yes, I am the first to admit I am not your average Joe(sephine).  I am a different folk altogether.  I am a weirdo, a geek, a nerd and I march to the beat of a very different drummer.   Am I surprised that my children are”different?”  Nope.  Am I sad about that?  Nope. Unique is the new pink.

In just a week:

  • Tried pancakes, pizza and English muffins (there goes my ‘p’ theory)
  • Sat for over TWENTY MINUTES without prompting or escape attempts and completed  his “work”
  • Goes to bed and sleeps without tempter tantrums and screaming. We don’t have to go in five times and then finally sleep with him.
  • Plays near or with the other kids
  • Is not in a perpetual state of movement. Stops long enough to try things
  •  Has not run out into the street once
  • Has not climbed onto high, dangerous furniture
  • Has not stuck his foot into burning barbecue coals
  • Isn’t spinning constantly
  • Smiles from sun-up to sundown
  • Sits AT THE TABLE to eat at least 50% of the time, up from about 1%
  • Looks into my eyes when I speak to him!
  • Plays little jokes and tricks and laughs himself silly
  • Listens when I ask him to leave something alone or leave a particular area

We still have a very long road to travel but the things that have already changed are remarkable.  In two weeks we will increase to the full dose.  I cannot even begin to explain what it is like to have your child look into your eyes for an extended period of time. I cannot begin to describe what it is like to hear him trying to speak.  I cannot put into words how elated I am that he can sit and enjoy at least part of a meal with us.  My heart is filled with joy.

The best part about having a child like Bugaboo is that we have learned things most people do not get to learn. We have learned to look for every little change and celebrate it.  Every teeny-tiny thing that he does is like a Birthday.  I cannot tell you how much I have learned to slow down and appreciate my life more!  I have finally begun to grasp the concept of patience. He teaches us what it means to accept and love without strings.  At the risk of sounding corny, I believe that this child was sent to me to stop me from being vain and materialistic. He was sent to give us a lesson of love and caring.  He was sent here to bring our family closer together. I mean, how could you NOT love his smile?   Folks, I have riches.  Not the paper kind. My heart is full, like abox of gold.  Except this means so much more.  My children are my treasure. I have such a blessed life.

I mean, how could you NOT love this?

or this?

7 thoughts on “The Difference a Week Makes

  1. pkzcass says:

    So glad to hear it Marj! WOOHOO!!!!!

  2. Crissie says:

    This post made me cry – but in a good way! You’re right, there is no way NOT to love that smile.

  3. Trace says:

    Oh, JG, I’m glad to hear such positive results.

    I know it’s not the same thing, but for a long time I refused to take any of the medications (except my MS & anti seizure drug) that would aid in any side affects. Eventually, I just got sick of dealing with them and began trying the meds. Yes, I am now going to numerous doctors, but I’m a heck of a lot more comfortable. Ah, quality of life has improved!

  4. Anjali says:

    That is such wonderful, wonderful news! And yes, that smile is priceless!

  5. mcewen says:

    It’s the best club in the world.
    Best wishes

  6. Janice says:

    The right medication or combination of medications can help so much, and also let a child be calm enough to learn. I am so very excited for you all!!!!! It sounds like you are in for a wonderful summer! May I also add…WHO WOULDN’T FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT SMILE??!

  7. Angela says:

    I am glad that it is working. Kids are great. Smiles are the best!

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