One of My Favorite Things


June 7, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I am seriously obsessed with my kitchen. I love to cook, I love kitchen gadget and appliances and know my Pampered Chef Lady very well.  So when one of my appliances loses function it is depressing to me.

Six years ago we bought a refrigerator. It is a Kitchen Aid Top loader with an ice maker. In our old house we had no water line to hook it up so we never did in this house either. In six years this fridge has died multiple times. You see, it is a very bad design. The condensation from the fridge (on the top) drips down to the water pan (at the bottom of the fridge) via the freezer.  The freezer (on the bottom) then senses the clogged water line (which freezes) and shuts the fridge off, because it thinks the fridge is cold enough. We reach into the fridge to pour ourselves a cold drink and find lukewarm food, moldy cheese and spoiled milk.  I sigh, empty the freezer, put it in the deep freeze, take what food I can to my brother’s fridge (three blocks away, and they never have any food in their fridge so there is always room!) and then defrost the fridge. It takes two days to do this, Darling takes the back panel off, adjusts things, checks the water line, blah, blah, blah and then declares he has finally fixed it. Once and for all. This time it’ll work. Yup…

Until a few weeks later when it happens again. We really did think it was fixed this time, it HAS been two months. But now it is happening more and more frequently. Time for a new fridge, I’ve had it with this one.  I think I have persuaded Darling. Thing is we just bought a new microwave since this one died.  The fridge will officially mark us replacing ALL APPLIANCES in the house over a two year period. I kid you not.  The dishwasher went, the stove went, the washer and dryer nearly went, the microwave went and now the fridge.  Sigh.

We did buy our refrigerator at scratch-N-dent so I am not surprised. I love Kitchen Aid stuff (hence my THIRD Kitchen Aid Dishwasher! AWESOME!  Better than Bosch!) but I agree that they don’t design good fridges.  At least not this one.  This weekend we will head to the Home Improvement store over the state line in Delaware  that begins with an L and ends in -Owes (as in, we owe them a few thousand now).  They are used to seeing us.  That is where Bugaboo got his concussion in the fall when we were buying our stove and washer/dryer pair and Darling let Bug Boy push Bugaboo in the stroller and…well, you know what happened.   Anywho, I just unloaded the freezer, took what I had to and put it in the cooler and am defrosting the fridge to try to buy two more days.  I know the routine now. Except somehow it always happens the day after I food shop.  Hmmmm…perhaps I just shouldn’t shop for food anymore?

We can be a little picky this time. We’ve never bought a brand-new fridge before. Our first three fridges were from other people (as in, people getting new fridges and giving us their old ones) and they all died within a year.  This one (bought from scratch-N-dent) was returned but they never tell you why. We just thought it was a floor model. Now we know why they returned it. It sucked.  I LOVED having the fridge on top and freezer on bottom.  It was a huge fridge with plenty of room for party platters and all the veggies and fruit we eat. And the eleven kinds of cheese. And the ten different beverages ( I am not making this up) we have to drink at any given time. And the large water filtration container.  The new fridge will have an built-in ice maker (even though people that know me are snickering, since we don’t use ice in our drinks at home and there is never ice in the trays in our freezer) and a water line WITH A FILTER built in, just like the one my bro has. I love it, clean water at the touch of a button. Change the filter twice a year. My kinda thing.  I know Darling will be dazzled by the one with the TV in it or the funky buttons (which I do NOT want, since my children are obsessed with electronics) and we do not want Stainless, since I think it is hideous.  We have to have at least 25 cf, for all the cheese and beverages. And the beer and wine that sits in our fridge from the time someone brings it for a family party (like Christmas) until the time the come back to drink it again (at Memorial Day). Nope, not big drinkers here. Not alcohol…

Wish me luck. We may have children with us, unless I can con DINO’s mom into taking them for an hour while we look…

6 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Things

  1. Allyson says:

    I also love my kitchen but I am seriously impressed that your husband is capable of doing repairs.When I buy a kitchen appliance I have the 1 year free warranty and then I always extend it because something always seems to go wrong and I have no one to fix things. My dishwasher,washing machine, tumble dryer and cooker have all died on a number of occasions and I have spent less on the yearly insurance that I would have on repairs.I am seriously jinxed when it comes to kitchen appliances.

  2. pkzcass says:

    Good luck with the purchase! I can’t wait to read all about it. I agree with you about stainless…too industrial looking.

  3. MommyBrain says:

    Good luck with the shopping. We are looking for a new stove because I’m tired of lighting the pilot light by hand every time I use the oven.

  4. Crissie says:

    Con me, no. Pay me, maybe.

    Call me later and we’ll talk. Saturday is full because of the soccer fest and the LP’s grad party. Sunday could be do-able….

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