88 Degrees and He’s Wearing a Sweater


May 25, 2007 by Marj Hatzell


Bugaboo has off from school today.  Since he is on a year-round schedule, they get some funky-long breaks.  Bug Boy has off Monday, that’s it!  Bugaboo has off until Wednesday.

This morning we tried to sleep in a little, since he didn’t have to be up so early and Bug Boy stayed up until ELEVEN reading books (I know that the fact that he is in Kindergarten and has mastered the Dolch List Level Three is a good thing, but c’mon!  Eleven?  He’s six!).  At seven o’clock we heard, “Uh-OHHHHH!  MOMMA!  Uh-OHHHHH!!!” Which means, “Excuse me, Mother and Father, but I have awakened.  Would it be too much to ask to have one of you sloths open the door for me, so that I may sustain myself on my morning meal and juice cocktail?”

Bug Boy took his usual forty-five minutes to eat cereal (a bowl of Krispy Rice!  The only ones that don’t get too soggy, since it takes him that long to eat) and Bugaboo happily watched the buses arrive and pull away with the neighborhood kids.  How cool is it that OUR HOUSE is the bus stop for the entire neighborhood and Bugaboo just happens to be a bus-addict?  Very cool, I must say. Living here was our destiny.  Or Bugaboo’s.  Or maybe we just got outhouse lucky.

This entire time Bugaboo has been wearing a sweater.  Not just any sweater, this is a homemade-with-love-soft-cotton-adorable-hooded-sweater that Dino Boy’s mom made. She made it for Dino Boy, originally, but Bugaboo LOVES this sweater.  When Dino Boy’s mom gave it to me a few months ago, it was the first thing he grabbed out of his closet.  I re-hang it every morning and every night when he falls asleep I find it safely tucked in his arms or wrapped around his body while he snores. It is HUGE on his little body, but he loves it just the same.  It is his “Wubby” or “Blanky”.  He cannot sleep without it.

I did manage to pull it off, shove his clean shirt on and put the sweater on before the squeals reached their highest decibel.  That boy can screech like an owl.   He is now outside, running around with Daddy, with a pair of plaid shorts, a tee shirt, sandals and THAT sweater.  I get the feeling it will be on all day.  This is the same boy that sleeps in his father’s polar fleece vest OVER TOP of flannel or fleece pajamas when it is sixty degrees outside.

And he is eating potato chips for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “88 Degrees and He’s Wearing a Sweater

  1. Crissie says:

    I know that you may think it strange, but it warms my heart that he has taken to that sweater so much. See, something made with love can last forever!

  2. Trace says:

    Yes, but now he is PUTTING ON clothing instead of taking it off. Definite progress. Maybe, he’ll get warm?

    Have a wonderful long weekend!!

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