This Post Needs No Words


May 24, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

But I will write them anyway.

Can I tell y’all how awesome it is to be rid of the Hill Billy Porch? Our slider currently opens to a dirt pile that is about three feet off the ground. Poor ShadRoe has to jump in and out to do her business, but since she should be on the canine version of Jenny Craig that’s okay.

Deck Before

Deck Before


Deck After (or should I say DURING, since I want something to replace it eventually?)

Isn’t it PURTY?

I’ve got a thing or two to say to the previous owners. First of all, there were NO FOOTERS for this deck. That means that when you put the main support posts in for the deck, it should be sitting on some sort of solid surface. And the dirt underneath should be leveled. Nope, not this deck. It was sitting on uneven piles of dirt and rocks (large rocks) and it looks like they just threw stuff under there to hide it while they built the deck. There were only two posts supporting all the weight. They did have a backer board (which we cannot remove, it is stuck) but that is the only thing they did right. No wonder we have a three foot sinkhole!  The gutter was pointed UNDER the deck!  The used cheesy nails so they were popping up all over the place. The whole thing was slanting down towards the steps about ten degrees, one side was worse than the other.  And the lack of maintenance from the past twenty years gave poor Bugaboo splinters the size of toothpicks.  It’s no wonder the whole town called them the Rednecks of R-town. Don’t get me started about what they did to the garage or yard.


The question is, what the blazes do we replace it with?  I’d like to have steps come out from the door and have a LOW level patio, since Bugaboo is prone to jumping off of the railing (which is seven feet in the air).  He always lands on his feet (so far).  The kid is like a cat…  I also want the newer prefab boards (the ones that don’t ever splinter and won’t warp and last longer) but Darling is being super cheap. You know, because spending an extra $500 on our deck when we’ve already spent $25,000 on our home improvement projects is going to make a HUGE difference…


7 thoughts on “This Post Needs No Words

  1. mcewen says:

    I love decks, they’re like an extra room. [even though we don’t actually have one]

  2. Trace says:

    I’m in agreement. I like the faux wood boards too. I also like the look of the wood deck w/the white spindels around the railing. Congrats, on the home renovations!! Maybe you’ll have us over so we can admire your beautiful new siding?

  3. Chica, tell DH to do it! Mine is pretty tight with $$ too (thankfully ONE of us is) and he didn’t hesitate to get the newer decking. Never needs painted, never needs maintained. No splinters. No brainer! Once a season or so, hose it off. He LOVES it. Does Darling need to talk to Daddy-o?

  4. Mark my words: DG will get her way. All I have to do is use the “It’s better for the kids” angle. Because, after all, it is better for the kids. Especially a certain little boy who has yet to break any bones who is prone to climbing and jumping off of things at least 7 feet in the air…

  5. MommyBrain says:

    I didn’t think the deck looked that bad – so the words _were_ important. Now I understand why you’re so happy. Go for the extra $500. I’d rather do something the best way once than the okay way cheap. (Which is why I have to wait a few years for my kitchen renovation…)

  6. Rachel says:

    My parents used the pre-fab boards for their deck and its FABULOUS. I highly recommend it!!!

  7. Anjali says:

    Oh, what a great space! So many options! Don’t know much about pre-fab, but it’ll look great whatever you decide to do.

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