May 14, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Thank Goodness Mother’s Day is Over and We Can Get Back to Normal!


I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day. I know the history behind it, I understand the sentiments and I just don’t like it.

I do not understand why we need to have days devoted letting Mom know how special she is. To me it is just a lab-created holiday, scooped up by the card and gift industry, in order to sell stuff that there is no other reason to buy at this time of year. It’s almost as if they looked at the calendar and said, “HOLY SMOKES! There’s no reason to buy cards in May! QUICK! Think of something!” And it came to pass, and so it was, and so it came to be…

Seriously. What has Mother’s Day become? Overpriced breakfasts and Dinners at crowded eateries with lousy service and a limited menu. Just so Mom doesn’t have to cook. So, why can’t Dad? In this day and age, you mean to tell me that Moms are STILL working in the kitchen for four hours a day slaving over meals? Nope. Microwaves, crock-pots and freezers have changed that dramatically. What has this day become? Half-dead flowers from temporary gas station flower stands wrapped in bad foil. Big Sale Deals at local department stores sucking you in, playing on your guilt for not buying your Mother something truly special. Have you seen the commercials? Let her know how much she really means. Let her know how much you appreciate her. Because, after all, there is no way you could possibly love your mother unless you run around and buy her things like diamond necklaces and vacuum cleaners.

Another beef I have with this day is the fact that everyone finds it necessary to call or write to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. The only people I want to hear from (no offense) are my children. The reason I am a mother is because of them, not my husband (Ok, he had a little bit to do with it), in-laws, neighbors, etc. I do not need cards and gifts from my mother-in-law. I am not buying gifts for EVERY mother I know. The same goes for Father’s Day. I will call my Dad, go and see him, tell him I love him. I am not getting him a stainless steel barbecue set and I don’t need the whole planet giving my husband gifts.

Now, do not misunderstand me. I appreciate the sentiment, really. I know people are just thinking about me and caring for me, which I totally get. I just think that holidays and observances have gotten so totally out of control, to the point that even I almost expect a card. I don’t wish to rain on your parade. If you like celebrating it then go for it. It is just not for me or my family. I feel the same way about Valentine’s Day, Grandparents Day and other “Hallmark Holidays.” Can someone PLEASE tell me why there are greeting cards for MEMORIAL DAY and LABOR DAY and HALLOWEEN? I mean, seriously! St. Patty’s Day? New Year’s Day? FOURTH OF JULY??????

The commercialism of Holidays and observances is nothing new. It has slowly been coming to head for years. Look at how ridiculous Christmas has become! When I hear about the pile of stuff that some kids get I nearly faint. Parents are teaching their children to want more, more, more. It’s becoming all about stuff. Easter has become about candy and bunnies. I have neighbors that buy their children actual gifts on this day. Celebrating has become more about doing it for the purposes of “keeping up with the Jones'” and less about celebrating it for the reasons the day was created in the first place.

Now don’t get yer panties in a bunch and think that I am all about abolishing Mother’s Day. Not so. I just think that there are better ways to celebrate it. I think there are better ways to celebrate all Holidays. I think there are better ways to celebrate birthdays. There is too much pressure to buy stuff and not enough emphasis on real observance. I know I will struggle to keep my children less materialistic since their world has evolved into such a material place.

We are Living in a Material World. And I am a material girl…ACK! That just slipped out! Sorry! Please get Madonna outta my head!

Where was I? Nevermind. Happy Not-Mother’s Day.

4 thoughts on “TGMDIOAWCGBTN

  1. Mother’s day was originally intended to honor blue star and gold star mothers. But that did not last very long.

  2. Trace says:

    I actually have a similar opinion. My mom and I were talking about that this weekend. She is the one that said it was a Hallmark holiday not me.

  3. You know, I don’t mean to sound like a party-pooper. I just cannot stand how out of hand the holidays get, you know? That, and I think it is odd to have people paying so much attention to me when they wouldn’t otherwise. I dunno. Don’t mean to be negative…

  4. Anjali says:

    The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to pay mothers equally to fathers at work; give them affordable excellent childcare; give them paid maternity leave; jobs that are part-time or have flexible hours; and health insurance. This is what mothers really want. And we could probably take all the money people spend on cards to actually get this done!

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