Free Day!


April 30, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Did you ever have one of those days that you unexpectedly had things change for the better and you find yourself with about six hours of free time? Did ya? Huh?

That does not happen around these parts too often, folks. I am usually booked to the gills, between before and after school care, therapists, doctor’s appointments and activities such as soccer (which is over for the spring season this weekend, thank heavens).

My neighbor just called. I am supposed to have Little Miss this morning. Her brother, Polite Boy, started with a stomach virus last evening. The Middle Girl was just sick Friday and Saturday. The good news is that it comes and goes quickly. The bad news is that something like this could land Bugaboo in the hospital. The last stomach virus he had bought us seven hours in the ER hooked up to three or four bags of fluid. The did not choose to keep him since they felt he would be uncooperative at best and end up miserable at the hospital.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, mmkay? Pray that Bugaboo does not get sick. He is doing so well right now! He is eating new foods, happy at school, moving along at warp speed with his presented academics. He is finally getting it. He is just loving life. I would HATE for him to be stricken and lose ground, after all we have been through lately!

So, I have six hours to myself. My plan is to hit the gym in a few minutes. I haven’t been there in a month due to the back disc problems and am finally allowed to do light exercise (shhhh…I’ve been carrying laundry and Bugaboo. Don’t tell). After the gym, since I’ll be all gross and smelly, I might as well take Shad Roe the Queen of Canines (at least she thinks so) for a walk to get her squirrel fix. Then I will no doubt pull weeds in the front of the house and then shower. I will also have time for a shower and a nap. You know, because Darling will appreciate me being well-rested and not offending his nose.

This will be an awesome day, after an awesome weekend. I am blessed, indeed. Somehow, somewhere SOMEONE knows exactly what to give me, exactly when I need it most. Isn’t life amazing?

I might even clean my house today.

2 thoughts on “Free Day!

  1. Trace says:

    The new blog is pretty cool. After I saw your new cool blog I did create an account and I’ve been playing with it. It is VERY different from Blogger so I don’t know if I’ll ever actually publish. Maybe after baby if I want a new E-space…

    Anyway, enjoy your day. It is supposed to be 80 and sunny! Can it get more pleasant? It would be if I was at home and not at work, ha ha. Have a GREAT time at the gym!!

  2. mcewen says:

    hi de ho there [ooo big font pops up before my eyes – perfect for the bifocals!] Nice clean fresh blog.
    As for exercise, …….if I had 6 free hours, ooo the possibilities. Enjoy.

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