One More Camp Idea

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April 10, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

After discussing it briefly with Darling last evening, we have a few more tricks up our sleeves. I have to keep remembering there are a few free things I can sign Bug Boy up for this summer, like the library reading program. So, without further ado, here are our new scenarios:

-the local elementary school has a Y-affiliated camp that they run for $20 cheaper per week than the regular Y camp. It is on the school grounds, five minutes from our home, and they still go swimming, do the arts and crafts, etc. He will be inside for a portion of the day (lunch and arts and crafts) so that helps with the outside-all-day-thing and his heat intolerance issues. The only drawback is that it is from 9 to 5, and that is a looooong day for him.

-We have considered doing a week of the Future stars and then two weeks of the cheaper Y camp. Or a week of Future Stars and a week of nature camp. If we can find a combo it would be great. I have to talk to Darling a little further about this. My first choice (if money were no object) would be to send him to future starts, since it is a well-rounded program with a low staff/camper ratio (5 to 1 or 6 to 1 at worst!) and the Y camp is 10 to Y. They both offer a variety of activities and swimming, but the Y is once a week instead of daily.

-I think I have decided against Nature Camp altogether. It sounds AWESOME and I know he’d have fun, but I am worried about the bug/heat thing. Darling agrees.

I kind of wish that we could just send him to the specialized camp from last year. He had so much fun there and really blossomed, I just feel that he is going to be held back there. It means that instead of attending all summer he will only attend three or four weeks at best. He does not qualify for extended school year (which is a total crock, but they do not provide it for kids like him) so it has to be out of pocket. Grrr

I am glad I do not even have to think about it for Bugaboo. He goes to year-round school!

UPDATE: It gets even better! I just found out that two local rec associations run summer camps for five weeks, half days and it is amazingly cheap. Like $150 for all five weeks. I think we are going to do that, and then sign Bug Boy up for one week additionally someplace else. That way we have him busy up until the beginning of August! WOOHOO!

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