Hewwo. I feew wousy today.


April 4, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Why is it that my house goes to heck in a hand basket whenever I am sick?

I really have not been up to doing much the past two days but at least kept up with the room rescues and dishes. That alone saved my sanity. But the past two lovely days (and the lovely days last week) of glorious, warm weather sealed the fate of my floors. I just finished sweeping up (with a broom ) three dustpans full of sand and filth. Ugh.

Darling is a great hubby. Last evening, when I had to take Bug Boy to soccer practice with a 101.6 fever (and Bugaboo, who would not stay in the stroller and tried to escape about fifty time) he actually came home with Wendy’s for the kids and my fav Wawa Chicken Noodle Soup for me! What a guy! The part that makes it even better? I had the oven on and dinner sitting ON THE STOVE and walked in and it was still sitting there. I had forgotten to put my yummy stuffed shells in the oven. So when Darling saw that he decided to take care of dinner, since he knew I would be in tears when I walked in and saw it. He may not say much, but he spoke volumes last night! The best part? Dinner is prepared for this evening, if I remember to cook it! And no dishes last night!

I went to bed early last evening completely disgusted with the state of our house. I did manage to get the master bath cleaned as soon as I got out of the shower yesterday. It took five minutes and the kids were still asleep so I took advantage of the time. It looks much better in there, just need to sweep the floor. And paint the peptobismol pink walls that sorta look like a flamingo threw up in there. Oh, if only I could paint those walls…

So here I am, feverless (at the moment) but still a bit sick. I am trying to decide if I am to cancel Bugaboo’s appointment for allergy testing and blood work and make and appointment with my own doctor. Bugaboo’s appointment was made THREE MONTHS AGO and I would hate to miss it, but I know I am not up to driving down there, nor am I up to sitting there with him in the waiting room (it is nearly always a forty-five minute wait at Allergy Clinic!) while he runs away and tries to get on the elevator or climb into the train display, or sit in the exam room for another hour before the doctor sees us or sit in the exam room while the doc sees us and then leaves to write treatment into the computer (another hour!), making the whole ordeal about three hours long. And if that is not enough punishment for us, we usually have to do scratch testing and/or blood work at the end of the ordeal, rushing in there before the blood bank closes at five. Then I have to drive home in rush-hour traffic with no food, one diaper left and groggy and queasy. Usually I call my sister and beg her to take pity on me for an hour or two, since I do not want to drive home with a hungry Bugaboo. The whole experience is that much sweeter when Bug Boy accompanies me. Today I set up a play date while I am at the doctor with Bugaboo. That is, if I go.

Honestly, I do not feel like going. I need to take care of me. Going to that appointment would NOT be taking care of me. I think I’ve made up my mind. Allergy testing can wait, he has yet to come up with anything that Bugaboo is allergic to anyway.

Back to the house.

I know, I know. I am sick. I am overwhelmed. No one expects my house to be spotless with Bugaboo around. No one expects me to be able to keep up with him and housework too. I have alot on my plate, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. No offense, but those are excuses. There is no reason why I cannot have a relatively clean house with Bugaboo off for two weeks. I am NOT giving up. It will look decent in here. Not perfect, just good enough. So today, despite how I feel, I WILL run the vacuum so that I do not have to walk on grains of sand of toast crumbs any longer. I WILL get the dog hair dust bunnies off of my floor. I WILL make the beds and pick up around here, and I WILL get the laundry put back through. And forget asking me to get someone to help, Darling is currently working twelve hours (yes, I know I work, too) and he already takes care of the kids (baths, pjs, playtime and bedtime) as soon as he walks in the door. Then he sits back down and works for three more hours. So I am not asking him to pick up the slack.

I was lamenting to my sister-in-law the other day about how I wish this house were tidy and clean. I told her I wish I could find the time to get it all done, but that it was impossible to do anything with Bugaboo around. This is partly true. She commiserated with me and just said I needed to do what I could and not go crazy. She indicated that it would be temporary. She also said she has problems getting it all done and she is a SAHM with a three-year-old WITHOUT Autism. That night Darling let me in on a secret. Dearest SIL has a CLEANER that comes EVERY TUESDAY to clean the house! She has had one for years! NOT FAIR!!!!!

Enough complaining. It is nine am and Bugaboo has just stripped for the forth time in two hours…I need to get after him before I have to add carpet steaming and mopping to my list for today.

3 thoughts on “Hewwo. I feew wousy today.

  1. farmwifetwo says:

    A piece of advice that was given to me while I was pregnant with the eldest… which I ignored and learned the hard way is true..

    They are only small once.

    Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. Toss a load of laundry in once/day.

    The rest can wait until they are in school. I vaccuum downstairs once/day b/c it’s quicker than sweeping. But the upstairs… don’t ask. And the last time I dusted?? No idea.

    Speaking of which.. there’s yesterday’s load in the dryer and today’s to go in the washer.

    Also.. if Mom isn’t well… nobody is happy. Mom comes first.


  2. MOTHER OF MANY says:

    When your kids are all grown and totally involved in their brilliant careers and your house is all quiet and clean you’ll think ‘stuff the dirt, I want them little again’ just to give them hugs and kisses.I know I miss my grown up girls being little.

  3. Mommy Brain says:

    I hope you feel better soon! Great job DH with the dinner. We’ve actually blown our take out budget for the next few months with all of the sicknesses in March.

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