Rant Fest Over


March 27, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

I’ve had enough of the posts where I biatch and complain about how horrible it is. I think I was in a funky mood then. I am better now. So, please read the former post at your own risk. It ain’t pretty.

My sister has given me some food for thought. Do I love myself? How can I take care of others if I do not take care of me? I have been trying the past few weeks to do a better job, getting better sleep and staying organized and on top of things helps TREMENDOUSLY!!! That is why I do Flylady, for support and guidance. I feel that if I can stay organized I am not as frazzled, do not come down hard on myself and things seem much more peaceful. I made a major effort this morning to stay organized and I am doing well at this moment. I took some time to take care of ME (did my hair, painted my nails, beauty stuff) and now I feel much better. I still got housework done but there was no rush. THe house is in decent shape, routines are caught up and except for the fact that we need to do some painting it looks good in here. Except for the basement. I promise, I will not procrastinate forever.

Okey doke, time’s up on teh ‘puter. Time to get back to work.

One thought on “Rant Fest Over

  1. CryssyeR says:

    Are you deliberately avoiding the spa trip? I’m being a pest, but only because I really think we NEED this. Even if we don’t go to a spa, we need to take some time to go somewhere. How about overnight at a motel in Wildwood? I’ll even spring for the room…you in? Girls night only. Let me know.

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