Thank Goodness It’s Monday!


March 26, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

This weekend went by sooooo fast! I know it’s cliche, but it is true. It was over in a blink of an eye and I am quite glad it is.

Friday we returned home from Bugaboo’s EEG about five hours early. Bugaboo was uncooperative (to put it mildly) and therefore we were released after he pulled four leads (and hair and skin) off of his head. Fun times. When I walked in the door Darling had not vacuumed, there were dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and a general mess everywhere. Before I left on Thursday I spent the ENTIRE morning cleaning every room in the house. Let’s just say that with little sleep and the fun at the EEG I was NOT AMUSED. Top that off with the fact that Darling was working from home on Friday. This means he was sitting on the recliner, laptop on his lap, talking into the speaker phone, using the TV, two computers and tying up the phone line. Then he had the audacity to ask me to keep Bugaboo out of the room and to keep him quiet! Again, I was not AMUSED. (Read: I snapped, totally.)

Saturday morning I had to play for a funeral for a man at my church. He died an awful, painful death from cancer. But he was still there every week until he could not get there himself. Amazing. His family was so upbeat and uplifted, as he was everyday. The problem is that Soccer has been postponed for two weeks due to inclement weather, which meant that they changed the schedule around. Bug Boy’s game was changed from 9am (long before the funeral) to 11:30am (in the middle of the funeral) and we had to scrambled for coverage for Bugaboo at the last minute. Therefore, when I was trying to leave and Darling was trying to take Bugaboo to my brother’s house and I was running late and he was running late and Bugaboo escaped while I was pulling away and I had to stop the car and jump out and grab him, and Darling was chasing the dog and he dropped the stroller and broke it…I could go on, but I think you get the point. We ended up having a HUGE, heated “discussion” (where he accused me of nagging him) about how I am basically an indentured servant and he cannot even begin to image what it is like to do what I do and so I need just a teensy bit of respect. Thing is, playing the martyr is not my style and is totally ineffective at best. He said some nasty things, I said some nasty things, I cried, he yelled, the kids ran into another room (and I regret arguing anywhere near them!) and it was ugly. I finally got to church with fifteen minutes to spare before the funeral, we generally get there forty-five minutes to an hour before. Sigh. I never made it to Bug Boy’s game after the funeral, Bug Boy had a playdate right after (and Bugaboo jumped into our wading pool, which had fallen over behind the garage, filled with stagnant water from the melting ice and snow.) and then we ran errands until nine pm. The kids were cranky and so were we.

Sunday morning we woke up, jumped in the shower, dressed kids and packed the car. Bug Boy and I headed to church while Darling and Bugaboo got some breakfast and then came to pick us up after mass. We headed to Ocean City for E’s birthday, the first one he has ever celebrated with family due to the fact that they have lived on the other side of the country since he was born. Bug Boy always plays nicely with E’s cousins on his father’s side, they are VERY nice people, really are like family. They even invite us to Christmas and Thanksgiving, they are that nice. E’s Mom Mom made awesome meatballs, the kids had fun playing outside, we all gushed over their new puppy (cute Corgi!) and Bugaboo basically crawled out of his skin. If he wasn’t running away outside he was climbing all over furniture, sticking his hands in the cake, banging cabinets, turning on the sink water and soaking himself, taking rolls from the kitchen and tearing them up, getting into the trash, the list goes on. Once everyone left and we ended up staying until after dinner he was WORSE. It was almost as if he was so uncomfortable that he was trying to run away from his own brain. Difficult to envision, I know. But if you could picture him (if you’ve ever seen him) running and jumping and climbing and NEVER SITTING FOR SEVEN HOURS then perhaps that will give you an idea, but then times that by eleven. That is what yesterday was like. When we were there three hours and Darling and I decided to leave early, his sister and her husband begged us to stay, kept Bug Boy with them and we took E and Bugaboo for a ride to find a Wendy’s (who knew it would take us eleven miles to find one!) to get the boys fries. It helped, but we had to pull over FOUR TIMES in thirty minutes to get him back into his car seat! He even OPENED THE DOOR at one point at a red light.

My sister-in-law and I discussed what is going on with Bugaboo. She even commented that the hyperactivity is getting worse and worse. She said that she feels badly because she knows it is really taking its toll on ALL of us, mostly Bugaboo. He just seems very unhappy. I think the reason he wants to be picked up so often is because he just cannot stop himself so he wants us to do it. He wants to play with other children and sit and play with toys AND sit and eat at the table. He just cannot do it. HE. CANNOT. SIT. We discussed the medication issues and I let her know that Darling and I have finally consented to it, after arguing for months. We just have to wait to see the Neuro and get the results of his EEG. We do not want to do anything that may worsen the seizure activity. I feel guilty about it but he escaped no less than ten times in four hours. He has gone missing a dozen times in two days. He has broken three doors or windows, has broken more toys than I can count and has bitten or kicked or shoved just about everyone he has had contact with. He cannot stop. And with the level of intervention we have right now, what else am I supposed to do? This is NOT our Bugaboo. Our Bugaboo used to be so happy and loving. This version of Bugaboo (the miserable, sick,seizure version ) is unhappy and wants nothing to do with us. He is sad. We want to change that, if we can.

We left for home, one child fell asleep (the wrong one) and we put them in their beds. Bugaboo did not bang around for long, he was asleep forty-five minutes later when we finished packing lunches and school bags and headed to bed ourselves. I cannot believe we were actually in bed by nine-thirty! We were that tired.

Here we are, Monday morning. BIG SIGH. I have food shopping to do today, a house to clean, and half-days for the elementary kids I watch so they will be with me all afternoon. I plan on taking them to the grocery, they are a big help there and it will keep them busy. Pray for my sanity this week, they will be here all afternoon all week. Their sister is here all morning all week. Then they are all here with my kids until six. Next week? They are ALL OFF. I may only have them for three days. I may take them to the zoo or aquarium. We shall see.

The rest of the week:
Monday Night: Indoor Soccer
Tuesday Night: Tutor
Wednesday Night: Church rehearsal, guitar group
Thursday Night: Parent meeting at Bugaboo’s school, trying to get Darling to go! WISH ME LUCK THERE!!!

Ok, off to work I go…

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

  1. Mommy Brain says:

    Oh my. Congrats on surviving the weekend. I’m usually grateful it’s Monday too. And as sorry as I am that anyone fights with their husband, it does make me feel better about the many, many, many fights DH and I have had since becoming parents.

  2. CryssyeR says:

    You need a spa day. When are we going?

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