The New Me


March 22, 2007 by Marj Hatzell

Yesterday I spent time on me. I took a leisurely shower, had breakfast/coffee/nitrates and preservatives with my gal Betsy and went window shopping. I also ended up at my favorite Children’s Consignment store (Kid to Kid) and found nice polo shirts and collared shirts for the boys. I hit pay dirt, they had TWO school bus toys! w00t!

Then I hit the salon. I walked in there thinking I would tell my stylist of ten years that I wanted to keep the length (now below the shoulders) but to put long layers in and a side-swept bang, since the layers had grown out considerably since OCTOBER (my birthday). I sat and waited, flipped through some magazines, was called to be shampooed and then sat in the chair drinking a glass of water until Dottie was ready.

Dottie is in her late fifties but is a spunky and funky lady. She has bleached blond hair and it is always wild or spiky. She is thin and petite and has a gorgeous daughter and handsome son. She and her husband have owned several salons (two I used to get my hair cut at in high school and I never knew it!) and a few trendy places in Philadelphia. The owned a notorious night club in Philly a few years ago called “Live Bait” that made the papers all the time for the antics that transpired in that aged building. Let’s just say the athletes and gold diggers used to hang out there in the VIP area quite often.

Dottie smiled and greeted me, she asked about the boys, I asked about her new grandson. Then she said the most important words in hair styling, “So, what are we doing today?” My brain froze. I wanted to tell her, same ole, same ole. I just couldn’t do it. I HATED my current hair, it was heavy and grown out, boring and blah. I wanted something young. I wanted something kinda hip and funky, without getting my hair cut shorter than a boy. I did not want the SAME BOB I have had for fifteen or twenty years every time I decided to trim my hair. I wanted something new.

So I told her, “I am ready for a change! I want something low maintenance but looks good when I style it. I’d like it short enough to make me feel lighter but not a mom-do. A little fun and funky, able to be pulled back at the gym.” She nodded, smiled and got to work.

We chatted as she cut, trimmed, hacked, razored and combed. In fifteen minutes (I kid you now, she is amazing!) I watched as long pieces of my hair (six inches or so!) fell to floor and my head gradually felt lighter. She’d check each side, trim some more, comb it, trim some more. Finally she was satisfied. She began to blow it dry very carefully and adjust as she went. She stopped mid-dry and razored a little more. She finished drying and found one or two pieces to trim. She straightened it with an iron and razored one last piece. Finally she turned me around to see the new me!


OMIGOSH! I love my hair. I love it, I love it, LOVE IT! Did I tell you? I. LOVE. MY. HAIR. Ok, I’ve had great haircuts before but this one really lifted me up. It made me feel attractive and sexy and non-mom-do (even though it is technically quite the mom do) and fun all at the same time. You too can achieve this level of hair psychotherapy at the salon-formerly-known-as-Hair-and-Tonic in Havertown for a mere $35. Since I only get my hair cut about three times a year, it is worth the splurge. After ten years of going to the same woman I am NEVER disappointed. She knows my hair, she knows my face and she knows my personality. I love that she gives me what I want even when I cannot explain it. I hope she NEVER retires! ACK! The very thought of it!

Compliments of my six-year-old in-house photographer, here are the shots (not terribly clear, but you get the picture!):


And it still looks good today. That is how you KNOW it is a good haircut! It is achievable once you leave the salon!

Sidenote: When I saw my sister this weekend (DinoBoyMom and My eldest sister) she said she was growing hers out a wee bit. I joked around and said, “You know, just like mom and her four sisters ended up with the SAME EXACT HAIRCUT even when they did not plan it, The four of us will inevitably end up with the same haircut. Soon. ” And I was right. It was totally not planned, but guess what Debbie’s hair looks like? Yup. Pretty much the same!

9 thoughts on “The New Me

  1. Lauren says:

    Very nice hair. I agree.

  2. Anjali says:

    You look gorgeous. I want to date you.

  3. Mommy Brain says:

    Great hair cut! I’m so glad to be able to put a face with your name. And, I might just have to check out this salon.

  4. AbbysMomma says:

    AWESOME do! LOVE it! It looks great on you!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo! I got hair cut last Friday and I had a similar conversation w/the hair stylist, i.e. I’m young so I want a youthful sylish cut. If you look good you feel good and it affects other aspects of your life.
    Tracy (I know, I took away the anonymous option on my blog and here I am using it)

  6. Rachel says:

    So here’s the highest compliment I can give you: I just made an appointment to get my hair cut with Dottie for next week. 🙂 You look fabulous!

  7. pkzcass says:

    The front looks great. Although I’m really not sure what a “mom” do is.

    Can you get bug boy to take a picture of the back and post it? Is it layered a little in the back?

  8. Nancy the Romancechick says:


    It’s darling! Great. You look so cute! I’m also glad to see your picture again!

  9. CryssyeR says:

    Fun and fresh! Lovely. I am jealous 🙂 And it totally suits you. No chance that I could do that doo, but only because of my curl it wouldn’t lay correctly.

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