Six days have passed and all heck breaks loose around here!


October 24, 2006 by Marj Hatzell

Not really.

Just had too much going on and blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Last Thursday and Friday, Bug Boy and I spent the night at duPont for an overnight EEG. We will have the results in about two weeks but I am nervous. He wakes up frequently at night and used to have some fairly awful night terrors, so we are hoping it isn’t seizures like Bugaboo. The other night at 3am Darling and I snapped awake to:

“There were three Jolly fish-er-meeeeen. There were three jolly fish-er-meeeen.
Fisher, fisher, men, men, men. Fisher, fisher, men, men, men…”

You know, the old song? Jacob, Abraham and Isaac? Ok, perhaps I am the only one that sang that in sunday school or girl scouts. Anywho, he was SOUND ASLEEP singing that at the top of his lungs. It was very funny.

Then, Friday night rolls along and Darling and I got the bright idea to hit Lowes and look at adding cabinets to our kitchen along the knee wall. We went and got the matching cabinets Saturday morning, took Bugaboo to soccer (Bug Boy was sick, missed his game) and went to IKEA to get a butcher block top, since they are oak and cheap. Brought it all home, Sunday morning we came home from church and brought it all in. It didn’t look right. The cabinets were too big and overpowering for our kitchen. I am guessing that is why the previous owners didn’t put any in there. So, back to IKEA, returned the cabinet, bought a free-standing cabinet with a butcher block top (for half the price of the cabinets we bought, thankyouverymuch) and then came home, took the cabinets to Lowes to return, and spent the rest of the evening putting together IKEA furniture. Which anyone can tell you is a pain in the rear.

So, yesterday I had to food shop in the am the SECOND the kids left on their buses. No, really, Bug Boy was pulling away on his bus and I was backing outta the drive way. We had no food, except for some cans and “junk food” and I also had to pick up forms, drop off forms, photocopy forms, etc. Got that all done in THREE HOURS (three stores, too!) and ran home to unpack and put everything away, had thirty minutes before Bugaboo came home and we had to leave for duPont AGAIN (fourth visit this month out of six) to see the GI, who said he reflux is better, his belly is no longer distended, but he lost nearly two pounds. We need to keep an eye on it. The kid needs to start eating better. He ain’t skinny, believe me, but the feeding issues are finally catching up to him, now that he is losing the baby fat. And he doesn’t eat yogurt anymore. So, the GI ordered a gastic emptying scan, aka taking pictures while he eats, swallows and digests. Then we follow up in six months! WOOHOO!!! The appointments are starting to get more spread out and that feels GREAT!

Ok, got home from GI (usually a 2-3 ordeal at duPont) had time to get prescriptions from Tar-zhay and then went home to finish putting things in my new cabinet and start cleaning up the house before I made dinner. I even put my corn stalks up and the house looks cute. Then I made a quicky dinner with TJ’s make and cheese (OMG! Awesome!) and green trees. Then dressed Bugaboo and took him to indoor soccer, where he ran around the track for nearly an hour. The poor girl that works with him was sweating to death when she was finished. But he loved it.

We came home, he finally pooped (always, after soccer) and I bathed him and put him to bed. Guess what? He is much happier to go to bed when I tuck Thomas and Bugaboo’s school buses in at the same time. I give them kisses and everything. He thinks it is a scream.

So, bugaboo went to bed, I worked on the Phone Tree for Bug Boy’s class, surfed the net for five minutes and Darling and I retired since MNF was a snooze. He had to wake up early this morning, hence my time to post. And now time is up! I should have gotten the boys up fifteen minutes ago.

2 thoughts on “Six days have passed and all heck breaks loose around here!

  1. Trace says:

    Congrats on the butcher block!! Are the “indoor trees” you were referring to serving w/the mac n cheese broccoli stalks? Have a great rest of the day!!

  2. Lucy T says:

    That is not a church song woman!!!


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